GAMA Expells Jeff Bergren From Origins 2021

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GAMA Expells Jeff Bergren From Origins 2021

September 24, 2021

By: Tyler Chancey


The hits keep coming for TGG CEO, Jeff Bergren. The Game Manufacturer's Association have officially expelled him and his company as exhibitors at this year's Origins Game Fair.

For those not aware, Jeff Bergren has been embroiled in some grossly unprofessional behavior related to an artwork controversy around a game his company is publishing and producing. Both Bergren and the game's lead designer on the project decided against addressing the concerns around this artwork and tried every way possible to dismiss and deflect any valid and relevant context for the art itself. In fact, Bergren himself began to openly mock the increasing number of concerned detractors with tone deaf posts, all of which have now been deleted.

In response to their handling of this debacle, multiple Kickstarter backers, tabletop design veterans, studios and publishers began to pull their support and decry Bergren's behavior. Furthermore, despite TGG the company having an exhibitor's booth at this year's GenCon, Bergren himself was banned from attendance.

Now Jeff Bergren's behavior caused even more hardship for him and his company. According to the GAMA's official statement on why Bergren and TGG were not to attend Origins, they explained, "We do not tolerate harassment of convention participants in any form. Convention participants reported or caught violating this policy may be expelled without refund at the discretion of show management." After summarizing the parameters for what harassment entailed - which includes offensive or hateful language based on gender, religion, ethnicity, or politics, expressed in person or in social media to any participant or attendant in the event - it continues, "Based on numerous instances brought to the attention of the GAMA organization, including on the GAMA Member Facebook page, the Board has determined that the actions of both Jeff Bergren and TGG-Games is in violation of this code of conduct and they have been expelled from the show as an exhibitor."

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