Wizards of the Coast Announce Galesong: Dragons' Convergence, A Disability Focused 5e Actual Plan

Wizards of the Coast have announced Galesong: Dragons' Convergence, an Actual Play featuring characters and performers with disabilities and live ASL interpretation

Published: December 8, 2022 3:54 PM /


Promo graphic.  Mostly white text on a dark blue background resembling stormy skies.  Text: D&D Beyond and the Disability Community of Wizards Present Galesong: Dragons’ Convergence. 6 headshots of performers are labelled Makenzie De Armas, Aliza Pearl, Angel Giuffria, Jennifer Kretchmer, Rogan Shannon, & Quincy of Quincy’s Tavern. Under the photos, text reads: With special guests Aabria Iyengar, Sam de Leve & More!  Coming soon on D&D Beyond

WIzards of the Coast have announced a new actual play is coming this month. Actual Plays, a recorded TTRPG campaign with the players maintaining character, have exploded in popularity thanks to shows such as Dimension20 and Critical Role. While Actual Plays have been a gateway for people interested in the TTRPG hobby not everyone has been able to enjoy them in the same way; some require certain aids. This is why the new Galesong: Dragons' Convergence Actual Play will be showcasing players and actors from within the disabled community as well as promoting certain resource groups.

The Galesong: Dragons' Convergence Actual Play Announcement

According to an official press release by Wizards of the Coast, the Galesong: Dragons' Convergence Actual Play will feature many prominent actors and GMs from the TTRPG community. The adventure will take place on the setting of Stormwreck Isle, where a group of adventurers are tasked with stopping a threat to the entire multiverse. The campaign will be DM'd by D&D designer and co-founder of The Disability Community of Wizards Makenzie De Armas, and whose players will include Quincy of Quincy's Tavern, Jennifer Kretchmer (Candlekeep Mysteries), Nerdist contributor and self-proclaimed cyborg Angel Gluffria, TTRPG streamer Aliza Pearl, and Rogan Shannon (Queer Signs).

For those not aware, The Disability Community of Wizards is an employee resource group. Their mission is about promoting a culture of belonging for the disabled community in the tabletop community. In addition, they advocate for increased awareness and education around accessibility and disability inclusion. That same intent will inform the entire production, including ASL interpretation during the show so that deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers can enjoy the adventure easier.

“With a phenomenal cast gathered this past October for National Disability Employment Awareness Month, this game features disabled players and characters adventuring and thriving in the world of Dungeons & Dragons,” said De Armas. “My journey as a D&D creator is irrevocably entwined with my own disability journey, and I’m so excited to showcase my fellow D&D fans and performers in the vibrant disabled community!”

But the Galesong: Dragons' Convergence Actual Play will be more than just the titular campaign. The event will span an entire week of content. It begins with a prequel campaign run by Aabria Iyengar and Sam de Leve. In addition, there will be a behind-the-scenes presentation featuring video conversations between De Armas and the adventuring group, giving a personal spotlight on how they brought their characters to life as well as highlighting that D&D is for everyone. Finally, the actual campaign itself, Galesong: Dragon's Convergence, will feature guest appearances by Brennan Lee Mulligan, Matt Mercer, Taliesen Jaffe, Amy Dallen, and Robbie Daymond.

The Galesong: Dragons' Convergence Actual Play event begins with the prequel campaign on December 13, the main campaign on December 15, and the behind-the-scenes feature on December 17. All of these will premiere on the official D&D Beyond YouTube channel.

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