Free Magic: The Gathering Novella by Brandon Sanderson Available Today

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Magic: The Gathering's deep lore expands with a new novella by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. Best of all, this novella is free and available now.

Children of the Nameless is this new work, which features an "all-new Planeswalker character created and designed by Brandon Sanderson." The synopsis of the book is as follows:

Since the day she was born, Tacenda has been both blessed and cursed.  Blessed by a powerful protection spell of unknown origin, she has warded her family and friends against any number of horrors over her 15 years. Cursed because the horrors which visit her small Kessig village are both numerous and frequent. Then, one night, for no reason she can fathom, her sacred song of protection fails. Seeking revenge on the man she believes responsible for the failure and the consequent destruction of everything she loves, she breaks into the manor of the local lord, a known consorter with demons. There she discovers the beginnings of an even greater mystery…starting with the fact the Lord of the Manor is anything but local…
Brandon Sanderson is known for his works such as Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive. He's an active member of the game world, helping create the Mistborn Adventure Game and writing the books on the Infinity Blade series.

In October, Sanderson made headlines when he said he would consider granting CD Projekt free rights to his Mistborn book series after Andrezj Sapkowski filed a suit against the Witcher developers for more royalties.

More importantly to MagicThe Gathering fans, he's an avid fan of the card game and is an active member of its community. If anyone knows what it would take to write a good Magic story.

You can download the novella now for free on

Quick Take

If you're a fan of fantasy but haven't read anything by Sanderson, do yourself a favor and check out Mistborn as a good starting point. Or, if you're a Magic fan but haven't been introduced to this author yet, be sure to read Children of the Nameless. I haven't read it yet, but I find that Sanderson excels at making some really good action-packed novellas. Best of all, it's free. 
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