Finger Guns Fly in Cuphead Board Game

Ladies and gents, we have a swell announcement for you today. A Cuphead board game is on the way so start saving those pennies.

Published: August 20, 2021 2:12 PM /


The main characters of Cuphead standing on a yellow background

Fans of retro run-and-gun action are in for a surprise from the tabletop world because a Cuphead board game is on the way.

Details were revealed in a press release by publisher The Op. Named Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game, it is a cooperative experience all about rolling dice. Up to four players will take on the roles of Cuphead, Mugman, Ms. Chalice, and the Elder Kettle and work together to take down multiple boss characters one after another. All players play at the same time, quickly rolling their personal attack dice to collect sets that will allow them to avoid attacks and do damage to level Bosses. Eight fan-favorite bosses await challengers, each contained in separate boxes that can only be unlocked once the previous Boss is defeated.

While dice are a key part of the Cuphead board game, elements from the video game will be here as well. In addition to running, shooting, and even parrying attacks, there are Wallop cards and EX dice you can earn which will help you perform special attacks and powers. On top of that, you can boost these abilities. Defeating bosses earns you coins, which you can spend at Porkrind's Emporium to upgrade your skills further.

The game pieces laid out for the Cuphead board game
This looks so vintage I need it now

Alternatively, all of these boss battles are timed challenges, with the game's grading system coming along for the ride. Taking into account everything from remaining health, time, and Wallop cards you have, you'll be graded from A to F. These appear to be meant more of a personal challenge; there will even be a companion app to keep track of your past attempts.

As for when you can enjoy this Cuphead board game, The Op doesn't have much at this time. The game will sell for $49.99 at retail and is scheduled to come out sometime this Fall. There is a pre-order page available on Amazon, but at this time of writing, they are temporarily out of stock.

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