Final D&D Honor Among Thieves Movie Trailer Released

Published: March 23, 2023 2:43 PM /


A promotional image of Chris Pine as the bard Edgin from D&D Honor Among Thieves

A new D&D Honor Among Thieves trailer has dropped. This latest attempt at a cinematic adaptation of Wizards of the Coast's widely popular fantasy TTRPG has had plenty of press and promotion recently. One of the trailers showed off the use of practical effects as well as several beloved player species.

The movie imitated an actual D&D campaign by being delayed due to scheduling conflicts. There have even been bits of cross-promotion within the TTRPG such as official statblocks for the main characters, and the release of a free adventure featuring a location from the movie. Now, this final trailer includes one last blast of positive spin before its release to general audiences: positive review quotes.


The final D&D Honor Among Thieves Trailer

Overall, the new trailer uploaded to Paramount's YouTube channel has little in terms of new footage. There are snippets of lines between certain characters and what appears to be a bit of an escape sequence involving two of the main characters and an aarakocra. However, the trailer is peppered with positive review quotes from many different outlets. Highlights include Slash Film stating, "The most Chris Pine a Chris Pine performance has been in a long time," and Den of Geek saying the movie is "A crowd-pleaser that actually pleases."

Generally, these quotes appear to be the norm for D&D Honor Among Thieves. Currently, the feature film holds an 87% Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews from Vanity Fair, Chicago Reader, and Deadline Hollywood Daily. Overall, the reviews describe the movie as an "infectiously good-spirited comedy with a solid emotional core." While there is currently no audience score, there may already be positive word of mouth on that front thanks to a few lucky Amazon Prime members.

D&D Honor Among Thieves will release in movie theaters on March 31.


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