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Published: November 2, 2021 12:08 PM /


Official box art for Skyrim The Board Game

The world of tabletop gaming is getting yet another board game adaptation of a beloved video game franchise. We reported that Modiphius Entertainment was working on Skyrim The Board Game back in February. Now, it has officially gone live.

According to the official press release, Skyrim The Board Game is set before the events of the acclaimed RPG from 2011. You and your friends are the last surviving members of the organization known as the Blades, a group dedicated to the protection of Tamriel. But you have been abandoned by the empire in the lands of Skyrim, just in time to uncover a horrible threat that endangers the entire land.

Skyrim The Board Game will be a narrative-driven living board game. You and your friends can pick one of several playable races like Nord, Khajit, Altmer, and Orsimer. As you play you will travel to many of Skyrim's iconic locations like Falkreath and Whiterun, as well as obtain powerful weapons, armor, and magic spells. Much like the Elder Scrolls series itself, there are no classes in this game; pick and choose your skills as you like.

The layout for Skyrim The Board Game
Just a general overview of what you'll be getting into with the base game. Happy travels!

In addition, there will be two long narrative scenarios included. Each of these scenarios are three chapters long. Your choices, as well as your successes and failures, will shape the adventure with multiple outcomes. These adventures will take you across the entire region of Skyrim, delve into the deepest of dungeons, fight monsters like draugr and trolls, as well as add various followers to your cause.

On top of all of this, Skyrim The Board Game will also include expansions. One of these includes an expansion based on the Dawnguard, which will include new characters as well as horror elements like ghosts. Furthermore, if you're a fan of Modiphius' Elder Scrolls miniature war game, Skyrim: Call to Arms, there are rules included to use the monster miniatures from that game here as well.

Skyrim The Board Game's crowdfunding campaign is currently live on Gamefound and will conclude on December 5.

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