Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars Deckbuilding Game

Published: August 11, 2022 2:57 PM /


Star Wars Deckbuilding Game promotional art featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a Star Wars Deckbuilding Game. The tabletop publisher has worked on many different licensed titles in the past such as the living card game Marvel ChampionsArkham Horror, and Lord of the Rings. This isn't even the studio's first Star Wars game, their past development history includes Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars: Outer Rim. As for what players can expect from this new tabletop experience, the promotional trailer does contain some hints.

What Is the Star Wars Deckbuilding Game?

The Star Wars Deckbuilding Game was announced during Fantasy Flight Games' Livestream event at GenCon 2022. While the 18-minute presentation contained updates on upcoming projects such as the roll and write game Twilight Inscription, the final minute of the stream contained a brief trailer for the game.

A report by Comic Book provided additional details about the Star Wars Deckbuilding Game. The first major detail is that, unlike the games mentioned above, this game will not be a living card game. This means that there are no plans for ongoing expansions or scenario packs. Furthermore, it can be inferred that the game will be competitive between two players since the trailer does show Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader clashing lightsabers. Finally, the designer of the game will be Caleb Grace, the lead designer of Marvel Champions and Lord of the Rings card games.

It must also be noted that the Star Wars Deckbuilding Game is the first Star Wars card game Fantasy Flight has developed since 2018. This was, according to an interview with Dicebreaker in 2021, part of a focus on "more thoughtful releases" which lead to various projects and ongoing support being put on hiatus.

When will the Star Wars Deckbuilding Game release?

At the time of writing, there is very little information about a concrete release date for the Star Wars Deckbuilding Game. Aside from a broad release set for 2023, there is no additional information regarding the game's contents or price.


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