Fantasy Flight Announces New Clone Wars Core Set For Star Wars: Legion

March 29, 2019 1:20 PM

By: Giaco Furino


Fantasy Flight just announced a new core set for their Star Wars miniature wargame Legion. Where the first core set and subsequent Unit Expansions concerned the struggles between the rebel alliance and the empire, this new set takes us back in time to the epic conflict of the Clone Wars.

The new core set comes packed with two different armies as the Galactic Republic, led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and featuring two battalions of Clone Troopers, square off against the battle droid-laden Separatist Army, led by General Grievous.


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Judging from the details Fantasy Flight’s provided in the press release, it seems like the Galactic Republic army will be a more straightforward, more mobile unit, with a team of well-trained soldiers adept at getting around the battlefield with ease. One of the units included in the core set is the BARC Speeder (with an optional sidecar attachment) which will go a long way toward trying to secure objectives and move around the battlefield. Kenobi also seems like a great close-quarters hero to lead the charge, with strong defensive capabilities.


The really interesting addition here is the Separatist Army. General Grievous seems well-suited for ground combat like Kenobi, but his army of battle droids look like they’re less precise. In exchange for precision, the Separatist Army boasts sheer droid-power and overwhelming numbers, with each unit of battle droids including up to nine figures, versus each Clone Trooper battalion consisting of up to seven figures. This could go a long way toward overwhelming your opponent (if the dice are on your side). Add to that two sets of two Droideka droids, and the Separatist army looks like a serious threat (and a serious time-investment to paint).

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Along with the core set, Fantasy Flight announced their first two Unit Expansions, Phase I Clone Troopers for the Republic, and B1 Battle Droids for the Separatists. These units will add more soldier-power to the core set and are just the beginning to a whole new wave of units.

Perhaps the most exciting bit of this announcement is the fact that these armies can be played against the original wave of Legion miniatures, so you can finally set up all those “who would win” scenarios you’ve been debating for the past seventeen years. Want to send Obi-Wan in his prime leading an army of Clone Troopers onto the battlefield against Vader and his Stormtrooper legions? Go for it! General Grievous vs. Luke Skywalker? Why not!?

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All figures come partially assembled (they just need a bit of glue) and unpainted. The core set will MSRP for $99.95 and hit stores in the third quarter of 2019, and the Unit Expansions are $24.95 each and also headed out in Q3 (and will likely ship same day as the Core Set).

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