Fall Guys Monopoly Brings Game Show Antics to Property Ownership

Published: January 25, 2022 2:48 PM /


The board set up for Fall Guys Monopoly

Anyone familiar with board games know about Monopoly. The competitive board game about buying up property and slowly gaining the ire of your fellow former friends has had many different versions over the years. In addition to different themes like Millennial Monopoly, there have been versions based on official licenses from other properties like Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and Roblox. There was even an interactive game show event, Monopoly Live, hosted in the UK. Now, we will be getting Fall Guys Monopoly, an officially licensed game featuring the game show antics of Devolver Digital's battle royale.

The announcement came via a tweet from the official Fall Guys twitter account. But as the text of the tweet suggests, this isn't just the rules of Monopoly swapped out with Fall Guys' iconography, To quote the tweet directly, "We've teamed up with @Hasbro to bring you FALL GUYS MONOPOLY with REAL OBSTACLES that you can LITERALLY USE you can ACTUALLY YEET other players." The physical pieces seen in the accompanying photos seem to confirm this. Rather than deal with property management, messing with landlords, or being forced to pay through the nose, it seems Fall Guys Monopoly will incorporate physical traps and surprises in order to "forcibly evict" unwanted guests on your property.

The official announcement tweet for Fall Guys Monopoly
Yeeting? In Monopoly?

Aside from a link to an Amazon store page, other details about Fall Guys Monopoly is scarce. The store page itself does go a bit more into detail about changes to the core rules. The goal, much like the video game source material, is earn as many crowns as possible by buying rounds with your kudos points. As for how the obstacles and traps work, each player starts their turn by rolling a Knockout Die, which will let the player activate certain obstacles to launch their competition into the air.

Fall Guys Monopoly is available to order right now.

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