Everything Announced at RenegadeCon 2023

Over the weekend, Renegade Game Studios held their virtual tabeltop event RenegadeCon 2023. Here is a list of everything they announced World of Darkness to Essence20 and everything between.

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Tabletop publisher Renegade Game Studios held RenegadeCon 2023 this past weekend. Much like last year, the publisher made several announcements at this virtual event, covering both their board game projects and TTRPGs.Some of these announcements were updates on projects already revealed while others were genuine surprises. This is brief summary of the announcements made during this three-day convention.

Book artwork of Gods of Metal Ragnarok seen at RenegadeCon 2023
Fans of Brutal Legend, your time has come.

RenegadeCon 2023 - Renegade Game Studios Originals

Last October, Renegade announced that they will be reprinting classic board games Axis and Allies, and Diplomacy. Renegade dedicated an entire 30-minute stream to discussing their support for Axis and Allies. First, they confirmed that the four core sets of the game: 1941, 1942, Pacific 1940, and Europe 1940 respectively, will be reprinted and will remain readily available. However, several expansions will be available in limited runs via the Renegade Limited program. The first of these will be the Axis and Allies box, WW1 1914.

Renegade also provided updates on some new projects. The cozy co-op board game, Artisans of Splendent Vale, will be receiving a recharge pack. This will provide you with additional tokens and stickers, allowing you and your friends to play another campaign. The publisher also announced that several of their previously announced board games, Fuse Countdown, Wreckland Run, and Warp's Edge Anomaly would be coming soon to retail stores.

As for new projects, Renegade announced a Good Omens card game. No gameplay was shown, but it was confirmed that there will be three retailer-exclusive alternate boxes. One is Amazon exclusive. The other is Barnes & Noble exclusive. The third one will be retail exclusive. Their second announcement was a partnership with Hunters Entertainment to produce the TTRPG Gods of Metal: Ragnarok. As the name implies, your characters are musical warriors going on an epic adventure. It is set to come out in May. Their third big announcement is the latest solo board game by Garfield Games, Legacy of Yu.

Artwork of the Hunter The Reckoning Storyteller Screen shown at RenegadeCon 2023
Anything that helps Storytellers keep things moving is great.

RenegadeCon 2023 - World of Darkness Announcements

As for the urban fantasy setting of World of Darkness, Renegade had a few things to announce. First, a preview was given for the upcoming Player's Guide for Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition. Not only will the book conveniently hold all playable vampire clans and disciplines, but it will also contain new customization rules. This will include new disciplines as well as how to play various clanless kindred. For players who prefer to hunt what lies in the shadows, there is the newest chronicle for Hunter: The Reckoning called Lines Drawn in Blood. In addition, a Storyteller screen for Hunter: The Reckoning was announced. Finally, fans of the expandable card game Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals got a look at the newest expansion: Justice & Mercy. This expansion will mark the debut of the Banu Haqim and Solubri vampire clans to the card game.

Box art of the GI Joe Deck-Building Game expansion, New Alliances, shown at RenegadeCon 2023
I think back-up has arrived.

RenegadeCon 2023 - The Hasbro Tabletop Announcements

Finally, Renegade is continuing its ongoing support of tabletop games based on Hasbro toy properties. This includes additional expansions for multiple deck-building games. Power Rangers will be getting the SPD Emergency. Transformers will be getting War On Cybertron. As for GI Joe, its newest deck-building game expansion, New Alliances, will feature a crossover with Transformers.

Arguably the biggest announcement came during the GI Joe livestream. The WWE wrestling superstar, Sgt. Slaughter, will be coming to both the GI Joe TTRPG and the co-op board game GI Joe: Mission Critical. Sgt. Slaughter was heavily featured in the marketing for both the GI Joe cartoon and toy commercials via live-action segments. Eventually, the character was made an official member of the organization, debuting in the 1987 animated movie.

Box art of the Sgt. Slaughter promo pack for the GI Joe TTRPG shown at RenegadeCon 2023
He's gonna whip the PCs into shape, and I mean WHIP!

The Sgt. Slaughter Limited Edition Accessory Pack will contain two book supplements, an unpainted miniature of Sgt. Slaughter, and several standees for the GI Joe TTRPG. The books will contain a prewritten adventure, a sourcebook containing new player options, and statblocks for the wrestling legend; both as a threat and as an ally. The Sgt. Slaughter character pack for Mission Critical will contain an unpainted miniature, combat deck, character card, and his unique Triple T tank vehicle card. Both of these packs will only be made available for a limited time.

The majority of what was announced at RenegadeCon 2023 is available for pre-order right now on Renegade's store page.

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