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Tabletop developer Renegade Game Studios held RenegadeCon 2022 this past weekend. It was at this virtual convention that the publisher made several big announcements for their upcoming board games and TTRPGs. In addition, they gave further details about previously announced projects. This is a brief, but by no means comprehensive, summary of everything announced across the three-day virtual event.

The box art for My Father's Work
Image Credit: Renegade Game Studios

RenegadeCon 2022 - Renegade Game Studios Originals

RenegadeCon 2022 opened with a showcase of unique and original board games that the studio would be publishing the future. First was an update, as well as an unboxing, of the Victorian mad scientist board game My Father's Work. This was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and should be arriving to backers in about six weeks.


Continuing from there, Renegade have partnered with board game designer Seth Jaffee on a new printing of his 2018 zealous strategy board game, Crusaders Thy Will Be Done. In addition to some revisions and rules to the game centered around The Crusades, an expansion was also announced, titled Divine Influence. In addition, a re-printing of Richard Garfield's vampire deckbuilding game The Hunger was officially announced as well as a werewolf-themed expansion, High Stakes (get it?). Renegade also announced that Zakir Jaffrey's birdwatching board game, Birdwatcher, would be getting another run of printings.

Peering back further into Renegade's catalog, the studio announced an expansion sequel to their bomb defusal board game, Fuse. This new installment, Fuse Countdown, maintains the same real-time communication and tension of the original game but with a few twists included. Fuse Countdown can be played completely on its own or combined with the original Fuse game.

Finally Renegade announced a new wildlife expedition board game, The Search For Lost Species. This is game about the lost or endangered species of animals from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea with players tasked to discover and catalog the various animals they uncovered. It is co-designed by Ben Rosset, the same talent behind Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig.


The preview book art for Hunter The Reckoning Fifth Edition
Image Credit: Renegade Game Studios, Paradox Interactive

RenegadeCon 2022 - World of Darkness Announcements

RenegadeCon 2022 continued on with new projects announced within Paradox Interactive's World of Darkness setting.

First, several expansions were announced for their expandable card game Vampire The Masquerade Rivals. The Heart of Europe moves the locations of the game from San Francisco to Prague, and The Dragon and The Rogue small expansion introduces the Ravnos and Tzimisce vampire clans to the game.

As for Vampire The Masquerade Fifth Edition, Senior Producer Elisa Teague had several things to announce. First, a Starter Set is in the works. This contains quickstart rules for VtM 5e as well as several pregenerated characters. Next, a Player's Guide is being published which will compile all available vampire clans, complete with errata and further clarifications, into a single convenient book. Finally, a new sourcebook, Blood Sigils was announced. This will cover the disturbing and arcane arts of Thinblood Alchemy as well as the Tremere clan's Blood Sorcery.


But the biggest announcement here by far was the reveal of Hunter: The Reckoning Fifth Edition. Players can now take on the role of hunters of the supernatural in the updated World of Darkness setting, and all of the complications that come with it like the various factions of The Second Inquisition.

The GM screen for GI Joe The Roleplaying Game
Image Credit: Renegade Game Studios

RenegadeCon 2022 - The Hasbro Tabletop Announcements

Last but not least, Renegade Game Studios held several in-depth streams about all of their upcoming projects and support based on official Hasbro products. These include Power Rangers, GI Joe, Transformers, and My Little Pony.


First, there was the announcement of accessories and expansions coming for each of the TTRPGs coming out. Every single of these properties won't just have a core rulebook all running on the Essence20 rules system, but each one will also have the following:

  • Custom Dice Sets and Dice Bags themed on each respective property
  • A character journal where players can take more extensive notes and flesh out their TTRPG character.
  • A box of official miniatures and accessories. These will include 28mm miniatures for each properties, cardboard standees for enemies, and chip tile maps based on published adventures
  • An official GM Screen with a small prewritten adventure included

Furthermore, new sourcebooks and prewritten adventures have been announced for these TTRPGs. There was Across The Stars, a sourcebook for the Power Rangers RPG that focuses on space travel and alien planets. It will also include official rules for battilizers, new Ally Perks, as well as include Psycho Rangers as threats. For Transformers and GI Joe, sourcebooks were announced where you can make Decepticon and Cobra Agent PCs. Finally, prewritten adventure books were announced for each of the properties. Those include Adventures in Angel Grove (Power Rangers), The Time Is Now (Transformers), Dark Skies Over Equestria (My Little Pony), and Operation Cold Iron (GI Joe).

Card artwork of Dr. Whooves from My Little Pony
Image Credit: Renegade Game Studios

Next were the announcements of expansions to the franchises' respective deckbuilding games. For GI Joe The Deckbuilding Game, a new small expansion, Shadow of the Serpent, which would introduce the threat of Serpentor. Power Rangers: The Deckbuilding Game had RPM: Get In Gear announced, a small box expansion that lets you play as the RPM Rangers as well as the Venjix Virus. Transformers: The Deckbuilding Game got a small expansion of their own titled Infiltration Protocol, which introduces a new team vs. team mode for Autobots and Decepticons. Finally, there was the announcement of My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria, a cooperative deckbuilding game where you work together to collect sugar cubes.

Last but not least, new information came out regarding their Power Rangers and GI Joe board game. As discussed before, the upcoming GI Joe Mission Critical is a co-op board game built on the same rules and system as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, but with some franchise appropriate tweaks and changes. Senior Producer Dan Bojanowski did confirm that these two games are crossover compatible.

As for Heroes of The Grid, new expansions and packs were announced. First was a new small box called Villain Pack 5: Terror Through Time, which showcases Time Force villains Ransik and Frax. Next, the fifth big box expansion, Light and Darkness was shown off. In addition to it showing off new playable Rangers and Villains, they teased the introduction of elite footsoldiers. Finally, there was the announcement of their very first Errata Pack. Essentially a reprint of 9 cards collected from all content released for the game with their text either amended or updated.


And that was everything announced at RenegadeCon 2022. Almost everything announced here is available for pre-order right now on Renegade Game Studios' web store page.

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