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The official artwork for Gamefound Feast

Tabletop crowdfunding platform Gamefound has just held its very first Gamefound Feast. This was an event where the company announced several new projects that would be coming to the platform. In addition, a few additional details were given out regarding previously announced projects. Here is everything you need to know.

An announcement for a new Cyanide and Happiness board game featuring a nervous mime in a bomb jacket.
Image Credit: Cyanide and Happiness

Gamefound Feast - A New Cyanide and Happiness Board Game

The first big announcement is a campaign for a new game from the creators of Cyanide and Happiness. The webcomic turned animated web series has produced two games in the past, Joking Hazard and Trial by Trolley, all based on the series' anarchic, irreverent sense of humor. As for what this third game is called or what it's even about, aside from one piece of promotional art, everything else is under wraps. However, in addition to details scheduled to come in the next few weeks, backers who follow the campaign (live right now) will be eligible for a blind box of goodies that will ship alongside the completed projects. The boxes are limited so if you're interested, better to do it now than later.


Official box art for Sleeping Gods 2
Image Credit: Red Raven Games

Gamefound Feast - Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies

The next announcement is a brand new standalone sequel to Sleeping Gods. Officially titled Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, it will continue the same sandbox game design conventions as Red Raven Games' original. You and up to 3 friends explore an uncharted map with the ultimate goal of collecting several totems, with adventures and unexpected twists awaiting you. You explore and figure things out at your own pace, reinforcing a sense of discovery. Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies is set in the same world as the original but with brand new characters and scenarios introduced. You do not need to play the first game in order to play this one. Furthermore, Distant Skies features a revamped exploration and quest system, along with a new combat system that allows you to build a combat deck while you play, making every combat into a fresh new puzzle.

Official promotional art for board game Andromeda's Edge
Image Credit: Gamefound

Gamefound Feast - Andromeda's Edge

Next, a new campaign by board game designer Luke Laurie. Laurie has a hand in a few board game projects in the past including the successfully crowdfunded Dwellings of Eldervale as well as Cryo and Manhatten Project: Energy Empire. His latest project, Andromeda's Edge is another of his unique takes on engine building, worker, and hand management. The game takes place on the desolate "edge" of the Andromeda Galaxy packed with ruins of an ancient civilization as well as ruthless marauders. You will start the game with a simple starbase and a handful of starships. From there, you will have to harvest resources, stake your claim on various territories such as planets and moons, upgrade your starbase, as well as build and improve your various developments. All the while, you will be competing with up to four other players across the fields of Science, Industry, Commerce, Government, and Supremacy. To quote, this is a board game that is "a blend of euro mechanics with a splash of direct combat and dice battles."

A teaser image for the newest edition of Ra
Image Credit 25th Century Games

Gamefound Feast - New Details for Oak, Thorgal, and Ra

Following that was a spotlight of Game Brewer's latest game: Oak. Set in a world of nature, the players take on the role of a faction of druids tasked with protecting the magical Arch-Oak tree. You and your friends will compete with one another by sanctifying sacred places, befriending magical creatures, and uncovering artifacts, all to prove to the Arch-Oak that your group is worthy to be its defender. Doing these actions will gain you more recruits and allow you to do more on your turns, but it might also threaten to throw the entire forest's balance into chaos. Oak is for 1-4 players.


In addition, Gamefound Feast did showcase Thorgal: The Board Game. We have covered the announcement of this adaptation of the beloved Franco-Belgian fantasy series before, and aside from this raised awareness, not many new details were given. You can play as Thorgal, his wife Aaricia and son Jolan as well as the warrior Kriss. Your adventure will span across ten different stand-alone scenarios, each with its own setpieces and character moments. Each scenario is played on a fold-out map, filled with scenario goals, hidden objectives, side quests, and characters to meet, all of which are drawn from the rich source material.

Finally, there is a brand new edition of the classic auction and set-collection game Ra. 25th Century Games have announced that the original creator, veteran tabletop designer Reiner Knizia, has returned for this new edition of the game. This new version of Ra will continue the depth and replayability of its tile-based resource gameplay. Players will take turns trying to buy and collect sets of tiles, all with different point values, with the various tiles available shrinking and changing as the game progresses. This new edition features upgraded components and enhanced artwork done by the renowned Ian O'Toole

While most of these projects have not gone live yet, these announcements do illustrate Gamefound's rising prominence within the tabletop game industry. If you are curious at all about any of the projects announced, you may subscribe to a newsletter for further details.


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