Everything Announced at Fnordcon 2022

Steve Jackson Games held their annual convention where they announced new projects coming later this year. Here is everything that came out of Fnordcon 2022.

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Philip Reed and Steve Jackson at a panel showing off new material

Fans of tabletop gaming are likely aware of Steve Jackson Games. They are a tabletop gaming publisher that have endured since the 1980s with their distinct mix of party games like the popular Munchkin series, as well as TTRPGs like In Nomine and GURPS. The publisher even have their own convention, Fnordcon, held in their home city of Austin, Texas. It is here that the publisher announces new projects as well as provide updates on works in progress. This is no different this year with everything announced at Fnordcon 2022.

These announcements were made at Fnordcon 2022's What's New panel with founder Steve Jackson and CEO Phillip Reed presenting. While no official press release was given, the announcements were made public via a twitter thread with photos of Reed and Jackson at the panel.

Panelists holding up a pocket box of Proteus at a Fnordcon 2022 panel
Image Credit: Steve Jackson Games

Fnordcon 2022 - New Pocket Boxes Announced

After a few brief announcements of 3D printable terrain for Hexcade being available as well as pre-orders for Munchkin Batman, Reed and Jackson revealed that new Pocket Box project is coming. These are distinct, compact board games in small plastic boxes that the company was known for back in the 1980s. The Pocket Boxes shown off at the panel included, Proteus, Tribes, Ogre Battlefields, and Car Wars: The Card Game. They also announced a reprint of SNITS, vintage reprints of Hacker and Hacker 2, and a new game called Caligula.

Fnordcon 2022 - More Munchkin

As the presentation continued, Reed and Jackson announced several new Munchkin products rapidfire. These included Munching Goats, Turtle Carnage, a reprint of Munchkin dice bags, and even an expansion set for the Munchkin Babies game.

A panelist holding up a mock up box of Pathfinder Revolution
Image Credit: Steve Jackson Games

Fnordcon 2022 - Kickstarter and Gamefound Announcements

In a show of transparency, Reed and Jackson mentioned that the global pandemic greatly affected the production of their upcoming board game Wiz-War. However, its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is still set to go live later this year. Alongside this project will be a new edition of GROO, a card game based on the comic of the same name created by Sergio Aragonés.

Finally, there was the announcement that, Pathfinder Revolution, based on Paizo's fantasy TTRPG, would be coming to Gamefound later this summer.

Fnordcon 2022 - Greed Quest, Cthulhu, and Dice

Finally, Reed and Jackson announced a ton of new novelty dice as well as new board games . These included a new edition of Greed Quest, complete with new art by Phil Foglio, and the US premiere of a solo adventure series called Choose Cthulhu. As for the dice, called a Dicestravaganza by the tweet thread, they include Bad Luck Die. a Chibithulhu Dice Set, new colors for the Dragon and Skull dice, Phases of the Moon Dice, 7 Deadly Sins Dice, and a huge series of Ocean dice with different kinds of sea life on the different sides.

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