Episodic Blair Witch Board Game Arrives This October

Published: September 29, 2020 12:26 PM /


Blair Witch board game Hunt a Killer cover

An episodic Blair Witch board game has been announced by Hunt A Killer — and it's arriving just in time for Halloween 2020.

Blair Witch is a horror franchise stretching back to 1999's The Blair Witch Project, a "found footage" film that purported to show the fate of three film students investigated the titular witch. Since then, an awful sequel titled Book of Shadows was released along with some much more respectable books, comic books, and other media.


One of the newer releases in the franchise was the Blair Witch video game, a tense experience for people who'd love to scare their pants off. Now, a company called Hunt A Killer is bringing the Blair Witch experience to the tabletop in an intriguing episodic format.

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How Does the Episodic Blair Witch Board Game Work?

This new Blair Witch board game doesn't quite work like how you might expect. Rather than stuffing everything into a box, it will be released as a series of six episodes in the coming months according to a press release. Hunt A Killer specializes in this style of game as noted on its website.


"You receive the following clues," Hunt A Killer's website reads. "It's then up to you to piece it all together. Every month, the plot thickens, and you get closer to revealing the murderer."

In this instance, customers would get the first episode in time for Halloween if they order it early enough. From there, five more episodes will launch at the rate of one per month, unfolding a story that will lead to the thrilling conclusion of a mystery — that is, if players are clever enough to figure out all the clues.

When is the Blair Witch Board Game Release Date?

The Blair Witch board game release date is October 1, 2020 — but that's only for the first episode. Six subsequent episodes will release once per month, ending in March 2021.


You can subscribe to the Blair Witch board game during its early access period starting at $25 a month depending on the plan you buy. If digital entertainment is more your thing, you can buy the Blair Witch horror game for PC and consoles via its official website.

What do you think of this new Blair Witch board game? Does the idea of a subscription model put you off on picking up this tabletop experience? Let us know in the comments below!




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