Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries Launches March 2021

Published: January 12, 2021 1:52 PM /


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Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries has been announced as a new collection of 17 short adventures written by "up-and-coming D&D designers," and you won't have to wait too long to play it — it arrives in March 2021.

You probably know a little about Dungeons & Dragons if you're even remotely familiar with tabletop role-playing games. It's one of the longest-running and most popular TTRPGs in the world, and part of that popularity relies on a steady stream of new content. Now, a brand-new book is on the way.


Set in the Forgotten Realms, Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries takes players through 17 short adventures. These new adventures are designed for characters ranging from Level 1–16. Most of these stories are set in Candlekeep (as the name implies), a "library fortress" that's filled to the brim with countless arcane tomes and scrolls. Each story begins with someone reading a book; from there, anything can happen.

This series of new adventures was announced today and is written by a team of newer writers. Contributors to this collection include Graeme Barber, Kelly Lynne D’angelo, Alison Huang, Mark Hulmes, Jennifer Kretchmer, Daniel Kwan, Adam Lee, Ari Levitch, Sarah Madsen, Christopher Perkins, Michael Polkinghorn, Taymoor Rehman, Derek Ruiz, Kienna Shaw, Brandes Stoddard, Amy Vorpahl, and Toni Winslow-Brill.

We all know pre-ordering is the big thing these days and Wizards of the Coast is doing local game stores a solid this time around. A gorgeous alternate cover will be available exclusively at physical game stores. If you have a local shop that can order tabletop books, you might want to hit them up to get your hands on the alternate cover.

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When is the Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries Release Date?

The Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries release date is March 16, 2021, so you won't have to wait too long to jump into this brand-new series of short D&D adventures.

If you're looking for something new to play with your tabletop group, you can pre-order Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries on Amazon in hardcover format for $44.96 or your regional equivalent. You can also buy the digital version on the official D&D website for $29.99.


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