Dungeons and Dragons In Hawkins, Indiana With New Stranger Things D&D Starter Set

February 15, 2019 3:21 PM

By: William Worrall


Hasbro has teamed up with Netflix to produce a Dungeons and Dragons starter set featuring characters, adventures, and locations from the hit show Stranger Things. The set will include character sheets based on classes talked about in the show, as well as the adventure Hunt For The Thessalhydra which was 'created' by the in-show character Mike Wheeler. The starter set is aimed at both new players to the game enticed by the sales pitch of Stranger Things as well as veterans looking for a way to spice up their regular gaming sessions.

One of the nicest inclusions in the starter pack is not one, but two Demogorgon figures. The first is a fully painted miniature and the other is left blank so that you have the option of painting and customizing it yourself. It's unusual for a game to find a way to cater to both painters and non-painters in the same set, but it's a nice touch that re-enforces this is a set aimed at varying levels of tabletop RPG experience. Anyone from a rank amateur to a player with decades of experience will be able to enjoy this set.




The set is available for pre-order right now from both Amazon(US) and Entertainment Earth at $24.99 and is set to be shipped out starting from May 1st, 2019. The set includes everything needed to get started, including pre-made character sheets, an adventure book, a rule book and a set of 6 polyhedral dice as well as the aforementioned terrifying Demogorgon figure.  There is no word yet on the possibility of releasing the set outside of the US.

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Is this something you'd like to get your hands on for your D&D group? Was this the sort of Stranger Things merch you were expecting for the series? Join in the conversation in the comments down below. 

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