DMs Guild Content Now on Roll20

DMs Guild material is now fully supported on the virtual tabletop platform Roll20. This will bring community-made products to the largest digital tabletop platform.

Published: February 17, 2023 3:35 PM /


A Roll20 campaign featuring the DMs Guild module, A Night of Masks and Monsters

Back in June, Roll20 announced a partnership with DMs Guild, a community content platform for D&D 5e. The partnership would allow content creators to not just sell their content in PDF form, but official sets of assets for the widely popular virtual tabletop platform. The creators would gain even more allies. Now, the first batch of supported DMs Guild material is live right now.

The DMs Guild material now on Roll20

According to an official press release, a small batch of DMs Guild content now provides Roll20 asset packs. The content highlighted in this press release includes Ashley Warren's module, A Night of Masks and Monsters, fully redesigned and available right now for free, Dragonix's Monster Manual Expanded, and Keith Baker's Exploring Eberron supplement. The DMs Guild storefront also has a dedicated section or content supported by Roll20. These include best-selling supplements like Mordenkainen's Tome of Marvelous Magic and Elminster's Excellent Establishments as well adventure modules The Death Knight, Stars Over Stormwreck, and The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss. Finally, there are DM aids: supplements that either enhance or alter prewritten D&D modules. These include Anne Gregersen's Monster Loot, which adds craftable items from monster parts, and Bloodied & Bruised (also Gregersen) which introduces new bloodied effects to certain bosses. Lastly, there is the Tessa Presents, a series of maps for every location in a campaign that doesn't have an official map.

But the DMs Guild support of Roll20 isn't just limited to GM aid. The platform's Charactermancer, the guided character creation tool, will also support DM's Guild content. At the time of writing, the Charactermancer supports one new community-created class, the Tactician, but the plan is to include more player options in the tool: backgrounds, classes, subclasses, and species.

It must be noted that buying DMs Guild content for Roll20 isn't as simple as other VTTs on the market. When buying a DMs Guild product, you will have to choose between getting it as a PDF or as Roll20 assets. Some of these products are being sold as PDF and Roll20 bundles, but that is on a case-by-case basis.

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