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Prototype of Divinity Original Sin Board Game

Larian Studios, creator of the Divinity video game franchise, has just partnered with Lynnvander Studios Inc. to launch Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game on Kickstarter. Funded in just four hours, the game is a cooperative, narrative-heavy adventure game taking place in the world set out in Divinity Original Sin II. The game is so rooted in its source material that it recalls familiar adventure hooks, locations, and even includes playable characters from the game, Ifan Ben-Mezd and The Red Prince (along with newcomers Farzanah the Lizard and Vali the Undead).

The core of the game revolves around reading from a storybook of adventure hooks that offer up branching paths, multiple decision-trees, and further options that unlock when you've gained new skills. From there, players make consequential choices that lead to the exploration of new areas and either gain treasure and recipe ingredients or deal with enemies, traps, and other dangers through dice- and card-based tactical combat. Also, like in the video games themselves, utilizing and combining the natural elements can better help you thwart your enemies and obstacles.

One of the playable characters from the Divinity Original Sin Board Game

Two of the most interesting aspects of this ongoing narrative campaign game are that the game is non-destructible and that it employs a "Chronicle" system that will impact future expansions. The non-destructible nature of the game is rarer in legacy or ongoing campaign board games, which often ask you to place stickers onto the board, or rip up cards when they've been spent. Divinity avoids this by providing a stack of party sheets which collect and store all your information, while the game itself is largely modular and involves placing cards into placeholders. The Chronicle system is also unique, with each copy of the game coming with a one-time use code to send to the publishers where you'll recount all your adventures, and the choices you made. Once they've collected all that data, they'll use it to inform the direction of future expansions.

The board of the Divinity Original Sin Board Game

The game seems, for the most part, already done, developed, and created. As Larian Studios explains in the risks and challenges portion of the Kickstarter, "We're already funding the board game ourselves and are coming to Kickstarter with the aim of expanding the game's content as well as engaging with community input." The baseline pledge for the Standard Edition of the game is $120, with an all-in pledge of $220 (which includes side-quests, miniatures for all the bosses, and more). At the time of writing the game has already raised over $200k, but expect that number to continue to grow as the remaining 29 days of the campaign wind on. Stretch goals including adding more miniatures for some of the monsters at 350k, and 2 more characters at 500k. 

The game is expected to ship in October of 2020. To learn more, watch of ton of illuminating explanatory videos, and pledge today, check out the Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game Kickstarter.

What do you think of the Divinity Original Sin board game? How about the general trend of more and more video games getting tabletop adaptations? Let us know in the comments below!

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