Star Wars: X-Wing Custom Scenarios Restored by Fans

01/23/2020 - 12:30 | By: Robert N. Adams
Battlelore, and Descent Custom Tools Also Deleted

A number of Star Wars: X-Wing custom scenarios have been deleted by Fantasy Flight Games, but a bunch of Internet archivists have stepped in to save them.

Previously, Fantasy Flight Games had created special web tools to create custom scenarios for the following games:

  • Battlelore
  • Descent
  • Star Wars: X-Wing

Unfortunately, they've recently made the decision to delete these tools from their website. Even more unfortunately, they also deleted the archives of scenarios that players had already created with the tools. Enter a group of fans who decided to step up and save these with a lot of help from the Internet Archive.

You see, the Internet Archive is a genuinely massive project. It's basically trying to archive as much of the Internet as it possibly can, and part of the data that they captured included the Star Wars: X-Wing custom scenarios. Although the deletion was done just a couple of days ago, a relatively recent backup was made and much of the content was apparently preserved. This allowed the unnamed group of fans to compile all of the files into several 7zip archives and compile them together into a download.


Star Wars: X-Wing custom scenarios slice

How to Get the Deleted Star Wars: X-Wing Custom Scenarios

If you or a friend has created a custom scenario for BattleloreDescent, and/or Star Wars: X-Wing, you'll probably want to retrieve it since it's no longer officially hosted by Fantasy Flight Games. The process is, thankfully, pretty easy.

Simply head on over to the page for the archived files at the Internet Archive and download the scenarios for a particular game or a torrent containing all of the files. You'll have to download them all — the Battlelore scenarios clock in at nearly 300 MB on its own — but you'll nonetheless be able to get your previously-created scenarios as long as they weren't made too recently.

What do you think of Fantasy Flight Games deleting the data for their custom tools on their website? Did you lose any of your own scenarios? Let us know in the comments below!

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