D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set Celebrates 25 Years in Style

Published: November 12, 2019 7:00 PM /


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D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set has been announced as one of the world's largest pencil-and-paper role-playing games celebrates not one but two anniversaries: it's been 45 years since the release of the original Dungeons & Dragons and five years since the release of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition.

Upon its announcement Franchise VP Nathan Stewart had the following to say: 


When the D&D team realized the sapphire is the traditional anniversary stone for both five years and forty-five years, and that adding a laboratory-created sapphire to a twenty-sided die wouldn’t jeopardize the integrity of a roll, we couldn’t pass up the chance to make something really cool to celebrate the milestones, the team put together a fun product for our fans that includes art and newly updated stats for sapphire dragons, making these classic dragons ready for play in your next D&D session.

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All About the D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set

As noted on the D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set product page, they're celebrating the game's Sapphire Anniversary in a rather literal way — there's a laboratory-grown sapphire built into the D20.

Of course, including a gemstone in a die would bring up concerns about balance, but the folks at Level Up Dice have worked hard to ensure that the anodized aluminum dice won't have any built-in bias due to the inclusion of the gemstone. The gem is only on the D20, but that's not to say the other pieces don't look pretty darn good, too. The whole set will cost you a cool $299.99, but you're getting some quality game pieces for the price.


That's not all that's included, mind. Here's what else you get when you buy the set:

  • A custom dice box and dice tray combo only available with this set, perfect for protecting and showcasing the set everywhere you play.
  • A premiere foldout card featuring official D&D fifth edition game statistics for adult sapphire dragons, along with vibrant, full-color art.
  • An exclusive sticker sheet with the D&D ampersand.
  • A sequentially numbered collector’s card confirming the set’s authenticity.

It's a pricey piece of kit, that's for sure, but it may well worth picking up for the hardcore fan. You can grab the D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set starting on November 21, 2019, at a price of $299.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set? Do you think it's worth the price or would you prefer to spend your money on something else in terms of tabletop games? Let us know in the comments below!


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