Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone Will Give You Your Cyberpunk Fix

Published: December 16, 2020 9:28 AM /


Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone

Are you dying to play Cyberpunk 2077 but don't have access to a high-end gaming PC? The tabletop team over at Monster Fight Club has got you covered with Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone, a skirmish miniatures game based on the latest version of the Cyberpunk tabletop RPG from R. Talsorian Games. The new game was announced in a blog post from the designers, detailing some of what you can expect from the upcoming 2021 release. 

Combat Zone is a board game that takes place in the Cyberpunk Red setting, a time period between the original Cyberpunk 2020 and the 2070 setting scene in the latest offering from CDProjekt Red. After the fourth global corporate war cities were left shattered, and their people are broken. Now, in 2045, each city has a 'red zone' where law and even corporations don't reach. Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone puts you in charge of one of the teams vying to make a name for themselves. 


The team behind the game, Monster Fight Club, are well known for their highly-detailed miniatures and scenery. In fact, the company has already been producing miniatures for the Cyberpunk Red tabletop roleplaying game. As Combat Zone is a skirmish miniatures game, it seems highly likely that we'll be seeing some top-notch modeling when the game releases in 2021. 

The interesting factors don't stop there though. According to a blog post by Monster Fight Club, the game will feature a new, innovative design that removes the need for rounds or turns. Exactly how this is going to work isn't too clear yet, but you can bet that it will at least be interesting to find out. This is especially true since the game won't require rulers or tape measures either, instead of relying on some sort of color-based grading system for your various actions. 

If you're a fan of Cyberpunk 2077 then you should keep your ear and eyes peeled for Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone. The game is set during a period that ties the tabletop and video game settings together. So, if you've got any weird prequel headcanons you want to act out then it seems like you'll soon have that option. Just don't do anything weird with Keanu Reeves. 

You can get more info about the game here

Are you excited about Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone? Do you think that a skirmish miniatures game is a good fit for the Cyberpunk universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 



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