Cults of Runequest Announced by Chaosium

Tabletop publisher Chaosium have announced Cults of Runequest, a new series of player-focused options for their Bronze Age fantasy TTRPG.

Published: February 28, 2023 2:30 PM /


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New Runequest supplements have been announced. Created by Greg Stafford in 1966 and published in 1975 by Chaosium, this Bronze Age fantasy TTRPG made a name for itself thanks to the rich culture and history of its setting, a closer relationship between humans and gods, as well as its brutal melee combat. It's a setting that has inspired plenty of spin-off material: board games, novels, and even video games. Now, the publisher has announced Cults of Runequest, a new series of supplements meant to give players more variety as they explore the land of Glorantha.

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The Cults of Runequest announcement

The announcement of Cults of Runequest came from a series of tweets by publisher Chaosium. They began on February 24 with a simple static image saying "Your Path Changes in Three Days." On February 27th, a two-minute trailer was posted, showing off official artwork of the Runequest RPG, ending in what appeared to be a roadmap. Chaosium then posted several tweets explaining that Cults of Runequest is a ten-volume series of player-focused supplements. They will introduce new character skills, and spells, as well as new pantheons of gods for players to draw power and knowledge. These ten books will be released across 2023 going into 2024.

The first book in Cults of Runequest, called The Prosopaedia, will release in July. This book is a companion guide, detailing the various cults and gods in the setting of Glorantha. It is also a system-agnostic book, making it useful and instructive for any gaming table interested in creating unique mythologies. As for those attending GenCon 2023, that is where the next two Cults of Runequest books will drop: The Lightbringers and The Earth Goddesses respectively. Both of these books will provide over a dozen different cults, based on ideas like heroism or the forces of nature, as well as new character skills. The fourth and fifth books, titled Mythology and The Lunar Way, are slated to release in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024.

Cults of Runequest marks the first major expansion to the TTRPG since the release of its latest edition in 2018. There currently is no MSRP listed for these books.

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