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Kingmaker 10th Anniversary

Pathfinder has been an insanely successful and popular tabletop RPG since it was released back in 2009. These days it even rivals Dungeons & Dragons in it's visibility, and has had more supplements than you could shake a stick at. One of the most popular campaigns was Kingmaker, a six chapter adventure which set player with the task of conquering and running their own kingdom. It was so popular that last year it even got a video game adaptation, but unfortunately it's not been in print for years. Paizo Inc. has decide that this situation could not stand, and so have announced a brand new edition of Pathfinder: Kingmaker for the campaign's 10th anniversary, currently being crowdfunded on Game On Tabletop.

Go Big Or Go Home

Paizo have republished some of their 6-part adventures in the past and always managed to add more art and flavour as well as updates to help things feel as fresh as possible.  Well Kingmaker 10th Anniversary Edition presents even more chance to expand and improve. The campaign already features open-ended, sandbox-style gameplay which is part of why it was so popular in the first place. Since there has been 10 years of player feedback as well as a whole video game developed based on the property there are more than enough options for expansions to the campaign.

The version of the Kingmaker Core Rules compiles all 6 chapters of the originally run, updated and running the latest Pathfinder 2nd Edition rules. It also includes many adjustments made thanks to comments from fans of the original campaign, as well as NPC's and storylines inspired by the hit video game. Not forgetting some potential balancing to the frankly overpowered graveyards mechanic. 576 pages of kingdom-founding glory with brand new artwork and everything a GM needs to run one of tabletop gaming's most unique campaigns.

On top of that Paizo have no plans to exclude anyone. Included in the campaign as an add-on is the 5E bestiery, basically a companion book with enemies and NPC's with stats designed to work with Dungeons & Dragons 5E. The companion book not only allows DM's to add some spice to their pre-existing 5E campaigns, but it also allows the whole Kingmaker campaign to be transplanted directly into the 5E framework. Also included is a version of the bestiery which allows the campaign to be adjusted for Pathfinder 1st Edition, just in case you prefer the original rules.

Kingmaker - Books

Extras Abound

The 5E Bestiary isn't the only add-on available either. The Kingmaker Companion Guide features a slew of companion NPC's which can accompany the players in their attempt to found their own kingdom. Similarly to some of the additions made to the core rules the NPC's in this book are inspired by the available characters features in the Kingmaker video games from Owlcat Games. At the time of writing it focuses on two characters specifically, but as the crowdfunding gains funds more will be unlocked making the Companion Guide even more valuable.

Other level-ups for the campaign also include more unlockable add-ons. A pawn set featuring a set of cardboard markers for use in the game is included once the campaign reaches $100,000 and then a flat map board based on a noble manor can be unlocked for purchase at $130,000. Combined with some of the add-ons already available for purchase, such as an exclusive enamel pin, a set of hero-point tokens and a very fancy looking set of dice, the Pathfinder: Kingmaker 10th Anniversary campaingn is one of the most exciting to be launched in a long time.

Considering how big Paizo is as a company and how many times they've collaborated with companies on crowdfunding campaigns in the past it's really no surprise that they know how to put together a great campaign. With the sheer wealth of content based around Kingmaker which is on offer fans of the books will have plenty to keep them busy. It wouldn't be too much of a surprise if this new 10th anniversary edition pulls in a whole new slew of fans as well.

There are only 14 days left for you to take part in the campaign so get your skates on before it's gone!

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