Critical Role Miniatures Coming From Wizkids

You ever wanted to own a giant Udaak from Critical Role all for yourself? Well now you totally can thanks to Wizkids!

Published: January 21, 2021 4:49 PM /


Critical Role - Wiz Kids - Key Art

Makers of premium, pre-painted miniatures, WizKids, are teaming up with popular tabletop roleplaying brand Critical Role. The new partnership will see characters and monsters from the Critical Role universe of Exandria come directly to the tabletop in the form of several brand-new miniatures for players to use in their own sessions. 

Critical Role Is Taking-Over The Tabletop

Critical Role is already an insanely popular tabletop-based franchise, but it's been slowly creeping into the real world of tabletop gamers everywhere. Over the past few years, campaign books and comics based on the adventures have been released, allowing people to relive adventures from the show in their own games. With this latest partnership, even your miniatures will be able to look the part of the various creatures and heroes that take part in the Critical Role storyline. 

At launch, the series will feature various player characters and creatures from the show. One particular highlight is a premium, pre-painted, gargantuan-sized miniature based on the Udaak species of behemoths straight from Matt Mercer's brain to your table. Gargantuan-sized miniatures typically come in at about 20cm tall so this is gonna be one beefy monster to spring on your players next time you get a chance. 

The Future For The WizKids Partnership

If you thought a giant behemoth and some cool heroes was great, you're in for even more of a treat. In the future, this partnership between Wizakids and Critical Role will yield even more great additions to the tabletop market, with premium miniatures available in sizes ranging from standard to gargantuan. You'll even be able to get your hands on some un-painted figurines, so if you fancy making a hot-pink Udaak then you'll soon be able to. 

The first wave of premium figurines is landing in the spring of 2021 and will be available in all friendly local game stores. Check out Wizkids' website to learn more. 

What do you think of this Critical Role partnership? Would you like to see Wizkids partner with other beloved tabletop media? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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