Corus Belli Announce New Fantasy Wargame Warcrow

Published: March 25, 2022 1:00 PM /



Corvus Belli, most famous for their sci-fi, anime/cyberpunk-inspired wargame, Infinity, has announced today at Adepticon, an upcoming fantasy wargame, called Warcrow. While details are currently scarce, you can see some introductory lore quotes and the games' roadmap in the trailer that announces the new system.

The roadmap shows that following the announcement, Warcrow will launch with a dungeon crawler in Fall 2022. We've been told by Corvus Belli that this will be through Kickstarter, like their successful Defiance Kickstarter, which was a dungeon crawler set in their Infinity universe, and their more recent TAG Raid, also set in the Infinity universe and is expected to deliver to backers at the end of this year.


Following the Kickstarter, Warcrow's wargame will launch at GenCon 2023, which is currently set for early August. Warcrow is going to be a brand new IP for Corvus Belli, and will include classic fantasy races, including elves, dwarves, humans, and orcs, along with some brand new races, which I'm sure will have a unique CB twist.

Warcrow Roadmap.
The Warcrow roadmap shows a Fall 2022 for the start of Warcrow's launch, followed by an August 2023 release for the full wargame.

Both the dungeon crawler and wargame systems are going to be brand new, and unlike anything Corvus Belli currently has on the market, which may suggest a move away from their Infinity reaction style turn system, but we'll have to wait to see. Both systems will use the same custom symboled dice, which could be a similar dice system to their action sports game, Aristeia, which uses custom dice for attacking and defending, along with activating special abilities.

The miniatures for both the dungeon crawler and wargame are going to be in plastic, which is new for Covrus Belli, whose Infinity range is predominately made in metal. They did produce some TAGs for Infinity last year in plastic, which were well received, so it will be interesting to see how a full plastic line is handled.


We're looking forward to seeing more details about Warcrow, including the miniatures and what the system mechanics might be like, which they will announce through their dedicated Warcrow site.


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