Cool Cool Cool Board Game Now On Kickstarter

Published: October 13, 2022 3:29 PM /


Official card artwork from the Cool Cool Cool board game

Twogether Studios' Kickstarter project, the Cool Cool Cool board game, has gone live. Described as a game about affirmative slang that literally slaps, it is a tabletop experience that brings back older slap card games but with a more modern twist.

The Cool Cool Cool board game Kickstarter

According to the official Kickstarter page, the Cool Cool Cool board game contains simple rules and short play times. Two to six players are dealt an even number of cards that contain different phrases of slang. Three unique cards are played which determine certain rules. Players take turns playing cards until the pile meets the criteria of one of those active rules. The first player to slap the pile wins those very cards. The game ends once there are no more cards to play. The one who earned the most cards wins.

There are several backer tiers and stretch goals for the Cool Cool Cool board game. They are as follows:

  • Cool for $15: This will provide a copy of the game as well as four backer-only cards.
  • Wicked Cool for $25: This will provide everything above as well as a cloth play mat
  • Slay for $45: This will provide two copies of everything above.
Promotional artwork of the contents of the Cool Cool Cool board game
Everything you need in a small box.

It must be noted that these tiers will include shipping costs and will be collected immediately. If you are not a US backer, all shipping costs, including taxes and duties, will be pre-paid when they arrive. Furthermore, there will be no late pledge manager. If you want to back this project, you only have between now and when the campaign concludes on October 29. The campaign has already been funded $5,784 at time of writing, meeting its goal of $4,500.

The Cool Cool Cool board game also has some notable talent behind it. The team includes Keith Baker, the creative voice behind Eberron content for DMs Guild, and Jenn Ellis from The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance.

“In 2022, I can yell ‘sickening’ at a well-dressed person on the street and they’ll take it as a compliment. Slang like this crosses generations, brings joy, and is slightly unhinged – and I wanted to make a game that felt exactly like that,” says Ellis. She adds, “working with artist MacKenzie Schubert on this project – I mean, he really ‘understood the assignment.’”


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