Competitive Card Game Dustbiters Revealed by iam8bit

A team of acclaimed indie videogame developers team up with iam8bit to make a card game about car combat available now on Kickstarter

Published: August 2, 2021 2:33 PM /


The title of Dustbiters in a pink haze surrounded by drivers and cars

A team of developers more known for their work in indie videogames have announced their latest project is a competitive card game titled Dustbiters.

The announcement video on their official Kickstarter page explains what Dustbiters is all about. It is a competitive card game where you play as rival car gangs as they fight while also outrunning a massive dust storm. It requires two players and is built on fast, easy to understand rules. Both players draw a hand of cards and take turns playing cards in a row. Once the turn is over, the last card at the end is destroyed. Each card plays has special abilities that either sabotage the opponent's moves or puts your team ahead of the dust storm. The last man standing wins. There are no dice, tokens, or extensive math needed, everything you need to play is the game's deck of 21 cards and nothing else.

Artwork from Dustbiters showing a line of cars racing a dust storm
The artwork is by Robbie Frasier and it looks great.

What is especially notable is the talent behind Dustbiters. In their official press release, the game was a major collaborative effort by a lot of critically acclaimed indie game talent in collaboration with iam8bit. These include the creative artists and designers behind Broforce, Genital Jousting, Nuclear Throne, Disc Room, and MINIT, all of which have been working on this project over the past five years. The biggest sign of indie design cred is found in the video itself. It shows the founder of Double Fine games and creative director behind Psychonauts and Day of the Tentacle, Tim Schafer showing off the game. The campaign even includes a quote from the quirky creative saying, "I didn't make this game but I played it and loved it."

Naturally, the campaign includes stretch goals and rewards for early adopters. These range from a fancy deluxe box set of the game at the base price of about $27 to getting an artbook, a lapel pin, a bandana, and having a custom card added to the game based on your own car which sits at a steep $950.

If Dustbiters sounds like the kind of quick and furious card game you want on your shelf, then the Kickstarter campaign is up right now. It has already more than halfway towards its goal of $26,000 and it will officially conclude on September 1.

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