CMON Games Releases Household Quickstart Rules

Published: April 5, 2022 2:51 PM /


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Earlier last month, it was announced that CMON Games would be launching a Kickstarter to help bring the Italian TTRPG Household to English audiences. Considering the company has also had a hand in officially licensed material such as a Teen Titans Go! Board Game and a tabletop adaptation of Zack Snyder's zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead, working to help a smaller studio's creation reach a wider audience does help highlight it. But CMON has gone the extra mile ahead of the game's crowdfunding campaign going live and have officially revealed Household quickstart rules for both curious and excited players alike.

The Household quickstart rules were posted on CMON's official website. Included in both English as well as Italian, the quickstart rules are simplified rules and worldbuilding details about the world of Household. In this RPG you play as Littlings, tiny people who have taken up residence inside an abandoned mansion that go on fantastical adventures exploring the abandoned wings or slaying monstrous centipedes for glory.

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As for what is inside the Household quickstart rules, there is quite a bit. The rules are roughly 87 pages total and include details about Household as well as the underlying history of their people. This includes everything from how the residents repurpose tools like fashioning house keys into hatchets or sewing needles into rapiers, but how there different factions based on how the Little Folk saw the Master of the House back when he was alive. In addition, the game serves as an introduction to the Favored By Fortune RPG system. It runs on a pool of d6s and focuses less on rolling high or low, but by rolling matching numbers. FInally, the quickstart rules include printable character sheets as well as a small starting adventure titled Pride & Prejudice & Centipedes.

The Kickstarter campaign for Household has not yet gone live.

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