Clue Dungeons & Dragons Creates Magical Mysteries

Published: November 8, 2019 8:05 AM /


CLUE Dungeons & Dragons Box and Board

Dungeons & Dragons players love a good mystery, and CLUE is a game that's all about a good mystery. Wizards of the Coast and The Op (formerly USAopoly) have put their chocolate and peanut butter together to make CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons, an officially-licensed game that merges fantasy role-playing and murder mysteries.

In the unlikely event that you've never heard of it before, Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game. One or more players take on the role of players, each commanding a character with their own class, statistics, and abilities. They are led through a story by a dungeon master and may face combat, diplomacy, and pretty much any conceivable situation contained in the thousands of D&D books that have been printed to date, over five different editions with several iterations.


CLUE, converselyis a somewhat different type of game (and much simpler in many respects). Also known as Cluedo, it's a murder mystery game for 3–6 players who are trying to figure out who killed a man in a mysterious mansion. Players will head to different rooms collecting clues, ultimately hoping to discover who killed the victim, the weapon that was used, and the room in which the murder took place.

Now, these two very different games are being mashed together in CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons, a brand-new licensed game announced by The Op that merges these two worlds together into something new and interesting.

CLUE Dungeons & Dragons Game Board


Someone has a Secret in CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons

Unlike the base game CLUECLUE: Dungeons & Dragons goes with a somewhat modified plot for players to uncover. An infernal puzzle box has been hidden somewhere on the map. Unfortunately, the person who hid it isn't who you think it is — they're an imposter who's been replaced by one of Zariel's minions.

Take on the roles of Mialee, Tordek, Lidda and others in this game for 3–6 players are you try to unravel this mystery set in the coastal land of Baldur's Gate! You'll be able to visit many classics places familiar to fans of the Dungeons & Dragons setting in this unique new adventure, which is also the setting of some of the most fondly remembered Dungeons and Dragons video games of all time.

If you think you're up for solving the mystery, you can buy CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons on Amazon right now with a standard price of $39.99 or your regional equivalent.


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What do you think of CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons? Do you think the two different gaming worlds can work well together? Do you wish they had gone with more distinct Forgotten Realms characters instead of the default D&D characters? Let us know in the comments below!


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