Cities Skylines Board Game Announced By Kosmos

Published: June 15, 2019 5:47 PM /


cities skylines - the board game box

KOSMOS, creators of science kits and board games for children, have announced a new board game based on the city simulator video game Cities Skylines. The new game, Cities Skylines - The Board Game puts players in control of their own new city, much like the game it is based on and tasks them with creating and building things to keep their citizens happy. The winner at the end of the game is the person who manages to accrue the most happiness points when all of the city milestones have been reached.

The designer of Cities SKylines - The Board Game has some experience working in the management game genre, as one of his previous titles was the civilization management board game Nations. The new title features elements of tile placement, as each different section of the city comes in the form of different shaped and sized tile. As players build up their cities they reach milestones and award points for the happiness of their citizens. Once all milestones have been reached the game is over and each player must tally up their final points to determine the winner.

Cities Skylines - The Board Game will be out at some point during October 2019 and you can already pre-order the game right now.


I for one am actually pretty optimistic about this one. Thames & Kosmos make games and kits for kids, so hopefully, Cities Skylines - The Board Game will be the sort of board game which is easy to pick up and learn. Not to mention the fact that strategy and management games usually work pretty well when translating from video to tabletop, especially when compared to other more action-heavy video games.

What do you think about Cities Skylines - The Board Game? Will you be pre-ordering the game ahead of it's release this October? Let us know what you think in the comment section. 

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