Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Expansion Brings New Fun to Space

Published: December 4, 2020 4:09 PM /


Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Expansion cover

The Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Expansion has arrived, letting you bring two more people to your tabletop adventures of colonizing the vastness of space.

Settlers of Catan is a game that can best be described as "German Monopoly." Typically, 2–4 players will compete for resources, building towns and cities in a quest to gain the most victory points first. The game also features a modular board, allowing for a high level of replayability and customization.

Many versions of Catan also have the option to purchase a "5-6 Player Expansion" which allows up to two more people to join the game, adding new playing pieces, new cards, and special rules for the additional players. Now, one of these expansions has just arrived for a newer version of Catan!

Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Expansion slice

What Do You Get in the Catan: Starfarers 5–6 Player Expansion?

The Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Expansion is much the same as the franchise's other 5-6 Player Expansion sets, adding playing pieces for the two new players and some other goodies to your game. Here's what you get in the box according to a press release:

  • Playing pieces for Player 5 and Player 6
  • More space sector hexes for the board
  • A new alien civilization called "The Travelers"

Additionally, this box includes "Pilot 1/Pilot 2" turn-taking mechanics to accommodate Player 5 and Player 6 should you choose to use them.

If you'd like to play this game for yourself, you can buy the Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Expansion on Amazon or via the Catan Shop for $49.00 or your regional equivalent. If you don't own the base game, you can also buy Catan: Starfarers on Amazon or on the Catan Shop for $99.00.

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What do you think of Catan: Starfarers? What's your favorite version of Settlers of Catan? Let us know in the comments below!

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