Capstone Games Announces Family Brand With Juicy Fruits and Rorschach Board Games

Famous creators of deep strategy games, Capstone Games, has announced their intention to launch a brand new family brand.

Published: February 13, 2021 10:49 AM /


Capstone Games Family Brand Games Juicy Fruits and Rorschach

Boardgame company, Capstone Games, has announced the launch of their family boardgame brand with the release of Juicy Fruits and RorschachBefore you ask, no this has nothing to do with either the sweets or the famously violent Alan Moore character. 

Juicy Fruits And Rorschach

Capstone Games has long been known as a creator of deep strategy board games, such as Pipeline and Crystal Palace, but their new family brand should help the growing number of tabletop-playing families closer together. Juicy Fruits is a fruit-growing euro-game that tasks 1-5 players with using their island to grow and sell fruit, and fruit-based products. 

The other new game coming to Capstone's lineup is Rorschach, named after the psychological inkblot test. Apparently, this game will task two teams with testing each other using actual inkblots, though exactly what form that will take is still a bit of a mystery right now. Since this is a family label, it's probably for the best that this game is staying far away from anything resembling the works of Alan Moore (if you don't get this joke go and read Watchman already.) 

Capstone Games And A Family Focus

Hopefully, this new family games brand for Capstone Games will be a success. It's always nice to see games that everyone can enjoy coming out, and both of these games will be fun for all the family. Pivoting from deep strategy titles to family titles in one fell swoop might be a bit of a shock to fans, but hopefully, they'll give these new titles a chance. 

Both games will be available for pre-order from March 23rd and you'll be able to download the rules for both games from Capstone Games' website on the same date. 

Are you happy with this new direction for Capstone Games? Will you be pre-ordering either game in March? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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