Board Game Arena Subscription Prices Are Increasing

Board Game Arena, the popular digital tabletop platform, has announced a price increase to their premium memberships

Published: October 20, 2021 3:09 PM /


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Fans of tabletop gaming and digital tabletop platforms might be getting a bit of inconvenience down the line. It seems that Board Game Arena is going to be charging a bit more for their monthly and annual premium subscription fees.

This news dropped in an official announcement on BGA's forums. The moderators stated that starting November 1 2021, the prices for their premium subscription service would be going up. This is important since a Board Game Arena subscription grants you access to digital versions of various tabletop games that BGA has licensed from their respective developers. Thankfully, if you already have a premium subscription and continue to renew it, you will continue paying the original price. If that subscription expires for whatever reason however, the new subscription will be at the new rates after November 1.

So what exactly are the new prices? When the service originally started in 2016, Board Game Arena subscriptions were $4 a month or $24 for a full year. Now, the new rates will be $5 per month or $30 for an annual subscription. For those in other countries worried about these changes, BGA have confirmed that these price increases will be equal across all forms of currency accepted. Overall, it's not a drastic increase, although more frugal consumers might need to move some things around.

A tabletop game being played on Board Game Arena
The board game 7 Wonders being played on Board Game Arena.

As for why this price increase is happening, Board Game Arena's moderators had a comprehensive answer. Stating, "Back in 2016, there were exactly 3 Premium games on BGA (Carcassonne, Lost Cities and Love Letter) and 151 games total. We now have 59 Premium games and 378 games total. Revenues from Premium subscriptions are shared with game publishers who have Premium games on BGA, and these royalties are by far our main cost - we are very proud to contribute to the board game economy this way! We kept the same prices for all of these years, but obviously at some point the expanding offer must be reflected in the price of the service, so that the virtuous circle we created with game publishers can continue."

Given their recent acquisition by board game publishing giant, Asmodee, this growth and expansion by Board Game Arena is to be expected. In addition, giving players two weeks notice ahead of time and being transparent with the reasons for these changes go a long way to maintaining good will with their user base. Not to mention it is a more positive contrast compared to their more recent bit of controversy regarding automated messages.

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