Black Lotus Destroys Previous Sales Record With $500,000 Auction

A card that was once though of as being merely insanely expensive will now cause bankers and executives to balk.

Published: January 28, 2021 4:58 PM /


Black Lotus - Art

The Black Lotus was already one of the most expensive cards in Magic the Gathering history, but it just smashed its previous sales record of over $160,000 by selling for over half-a-million dollars on eBay

Black Lotus But For Millionaires

The Black Lotus is one of the oldest cards in Magic, first printed in August 1993 when the game was first launched. Compared to more modern cards, the cards featured in the set, commonly referred to as Alpha, were considerably more powerful, allowing players to pull some crazy moves on the first few turns of the game. Black Lotus was powerful even by the standards of cards at the time, giving players access to 3 mana for free, enabling 4-mana cards on turn 1. 

Although the card is only playable in the Vintage format, it is still highly sought after. Along with 8 other high-power cards from the same set, it forms the power nine, a set of cards basically requires to play in the format if you want to be competitive. All 9 of these cards are limited to one card per deck, even in vintage. None of these restrictions have stopped the price of the power nine, and Black Lotus in particular, from skyrocketing over the years. 

Magic The Gathering Can Be An Expensive Game

With Black Lotus reaching an all-time high, it highlights the collectible nature of the game. It seems likely that the price of Black Lotus and other Power Nine cards is only going to go up. At this point, if you own any cards from early 90s Magic the Gathering, it might be worth seeing what they are wroth. 

For the time being, if you're going to try and get into vintage Magic you're going to need to get out one hell of a loan or find a sugar daddy. 

What do you think about the price of the Black Lotus? Do you think the price of the card is going to continue to increase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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