Asmodee Announces Jamaica Second Edition

Arr! Asmodee Publishing and Space Cowboys have officially announced a brand new version of the family-friendly pirate racing game, Jamaica Second Edition.

Published: October 4, 2021 4:10 PM /


The box art and game pieces for the newest edition of Jamaica

It seems that Asmodee Publishing is unearthing some buried treasure recently with their most recent announcement. The publisher have officially announced that they will be releasing Jamaica Second Edition with the aid of the original creators.

For those not aware. Jamaica was a light, family-friendly game released in 2007. The game was set in 1675 and had the players as pirates taking on a great challenge by the legendary Captain Henry Morgan. They would have a great race around the island. Whoever makes it to the finish line first, and with the most treasure on hand, would be the winner. The game was praised upon release, selling well, and was nominated for several awards for being a great family experience and as a gateway game for board game fans everywhere. It even won Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation from Golden Geek back in 2008.

But aside from some multilingual re-releases and box art changes, it isn't until now that we are officially getting Jamaica Second Edition. In an official press release, Asmodee and creative studio Space Cowboys went into further detail. This new printing will retain the same easy rules and hidden depth of the original release as well as continue the publisher's dedication to quality game pieces and a fun, family-friendly theme. It will keep its classic "square format" box made to look like a treasure chest. In addition, there will be a new rules booklet complete with revised and streamlined rules, complete with colored side tabs for easy reference.

The game board and ship miniatures for Jamaica Second Edition
Do I go to the port and ransack it for cash or do I see what's in that treasure chest?

The biggest feather in the cap for Jamaica Second Edition by far is a revised price. The biggest reason why this game got so popular was because of how easy it was to play and how affordable it was. However, buying a copy on Amazon will cost you $150; a far cry from smaller and more affordable experiences on the market.

While no official price was given, those curious to plunder the seas won't have to wait long. The first printing of Jamaica Second Edition will be Friday, November 26, and it will even include an exclusive ghost ship miniature for those quick enough to buy one. It will be available for purchase online as well as at your local retailer.

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