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Anno 1800 is a game that is frankly not for the faint of heart — this game comes from a franchise with 20 years of history and is best enjoyed by the real strategy nuts out there. These same folks probably also love strategy board games, so they'll be happy to hear that an Anno 1800 board game has just been announced by Kosmos Games.

A core concept of the Anno franchise is city-building gameplay; there are certainly plenty of tabletop games that go for the same style of gameplay, albeit with adaptations and concessions for physical board pieces.

Here's a machine translation of what Kosmos Games has to say about this new board game in the Instagram post that announces it:

The great engine-building, strategy game about the age of industrialization! In the board game based on the popular PC game by [Ubisoft,] you continuously build up your own industry to develop your home island. Ship fleets allow for active trade and the development of new islands in the Old and New World. You have to fulfill the wishes of your own population. While the inhabitants are initially satisfied with bread and clothing, they soon demand valuable luxury goods. You must plan production chains sensibly and keep an eye on the specialization of your population. The goal: A wise distribution of farmers, workers, artisans, engineers[,] and investors. But beware: The competition never sleeps and can snatch the new achievements from under your nose at any time! Who [can create] the most prosperous island? ⠀

This Anno tabletop game is being designed by Martin Wallace, a man with a long history of designing tabletop games. His past works include Age of SteamRailroad TycoonLondon, and dozens of others listed on his Wikipedia page.

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When is the Anno 1800 Board Game Coming Out?

If you're a fan of strategy games or city builders, then this new board game based on Anno 1800 might be the kind of thing you're looking for. When is it going to come out?

While Kosmos Games doesn't mention a specific release date, it does say that we can expect to get our hands on the Anno 1800 board game sometime in the Fall of 2020.

Lest you get too excited, it should be noted that the Instagram post from Kosmos Games was in German; there's the possibility that this might be a German-exclusive release. The Instagram post doesn't specify which countries are getting this game when it launches, so we've reached out to Kosmos Games to ask for clarification and will update this article when we get a response.

Would you want to play an Anno 1800 board game? What's your favorite game in the Anno franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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