Altered Carbon Gets the Tabletop RPG Treatment in 2020

Published: April 4, 2019 12:40 PM /


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Skydance Media just signed a multi-year licensing deal with roleplaying game producers Hunters Entertainment to create a tabletop RPG based on the Netflix series Altered Carbon. The series, set in a cyberpunk-esque future where a human mind can be downloaded into other bodies after "death," follows a man named Takeshi Kovacs as he finds himself downloaded into a dark future.

Based on a trilogy of novels by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon is distinctly dystopian, with a hard-boiled detective vibe as Takeshi Kovacs adjusts to his new body and helps solve crimes in a future he doesn't recognize. The series was just renewed for a second season — which will star Anthony Mackie (Avengers) as the newest body/new incarnation of Kovacs — from which the RPG will pull elements and inspiration.

Though the agreement calls for a long-term run of various games set in the Altered Carbon universe, the first game will, as the press release states, "begin with a crowdfunding campaign for the core RPG manual later this year, with plans for print and digital releases in 2020 through their global publishing deal with Renegade Game Studios."

Hunters Entertainment has recently made waves with two of their roleplaying games. The survival horror game Outbreak: Undead, now in its second edition, is a zombie survival game where you turn yourself into a character, and offers three modes of play (Arcade, Weekend Warrior, and Survivalist) with varying degrees of difficulty and crunchiness. HE's other big hit, Kids on Bikes, evokes a small town Stranger Things feel, and is more of a community-driven, collaborative storytelling tabletop RPG.

We'll keep an eye out for more details as they come out, but so far we haven't heard anything about ruleset, mechanics, or a hard release beyond "2020." Even so, it's safe to assume that the core conceit of Altered Carbon — the downloading of a mind into other bodies — will make its way into the game in a major way.

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