Aeon's End Legacy of Gravehold - Key Art

Aeon's End Expansion Legacy of Gravehold Announced

January 14, 2021

By: William Worrall


A new expansion for the popular deck-building game Aeon's End has been announced via The Board Game BBQ Podcast. The new expansion is called Legacy of Gravehold and promises to be the most complex product in the game's history so far, a love-letter to the hardcore fans that have flocked to the game since it was released according to the podcast

Legacy of Gravehold Is Not For Beginners

During the course of the podcast, Sydney Engelstein from Stronghold Games and Nick Little of Indie Boards & Cards talked about the process of creating the original version of Aeon's End. They also went into some detail on how the new expansion is shaping up. It sounds like the new expansion is purely intended as a hardcore experience for fans of the game who are looking for more challenge and complexity. 


"Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold is definitely the most complicated game in the line so far." Said  Engelstein, "it's not really intended to be a beginner piece. It's very much for the core Aeon's End audience that we've built up who really know the game, and know how to play, and are longing to bite their teeth into mages and nemeses with heightened complexity."

More Expansions On The Way? 

Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold wasn't the only thing being discussed in the podcast either. Both Engelstein and Little talked about the future of expansions for the series. They wanted to make it clear that the hardcore approach seen in Legacy of Gravehold is also going to be used in future expansions as well. Part of the reason for this is that as the game gets bigger and bigger, it becomes necessary to find new and interesting ways to use mages and nemeses in interesting ways. 


As Aeon's End already has a perfect introduction product in the form of Aeon's End: Legacy it makes sense for the Legacy of Gravehold approach to be taken going forward. 

Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold is expected to hit Kickstarter in late February. You can learn more about the series at Indie Boards & Cards' website