Acquisitions Incorporated D&D Sourcebook Launches June 18

Published: March 28, 2019 8:23 PM /


acquisitions incorporated

Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade announced today that the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition sourcebook Acquisitions Incorporated will release on June 18, 2019.

Originally announced back in January, Acquisitions Incorporated is an official third party D&D supplement that will give players and DMs the tools to run their own campaign set inside the infamous Acquisitions Incorporated adventuring company. The 224-page supplement introduces new spells, a new race, rules for character positions within the company, and an adventure to jump players into the action. Positions appear to function like a side class for characters, and include things like Occultant (occult accountant?), Hoardsperson, and Loremonger. The book also contains artwork by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik.

Started over a decade ago as a live-play podcast meant to introduce D&D fans to 4th Edition's rules, Acquisitions Incorporated quickly grew to include a regular live show at PAX (above) and a weekly spin-off show on Twitch. In addition Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, Acq Inc's rotating cast of players has included PvP's Scott Kurtz, fantasy author Pat Rothfuss, gaming personality Morgan Webb, and WWE superstar Xavier Woods. Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins wrote about the project,

Being able to give back to the game that I’ve been playing most of my life is incredible. I can't wait for players to join my friends and I in Acquisitions Incorporated, not just because it's a book and a world we're very proud of, but also because my character gets a cut of their earnings.
Prospective interns can pre-order the sourcebook now through the Penny Arcade website and receive a promotional pin. Pre-orders will be available elsewhere after April 1st.

Quick Take

I'm actually super stoked about this book. Acq Inc is what originally got me into D&D, so this is something that needs to be on my bookshelf. 

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