See Absalom Like Never Before With Absalom, City of Omens Gold Edition

Published: November 22, 2021 4:02 PM /


Beadle & Grimm's box art for Absalom, City of Omens Gold Edition

Fans of Paizo Publishing's fantasy tabletop RPG, Pathfinder, have had plenty to enjoy recently. The game has seen steady support with multiple sourcebooks and supplements. Now, Paizo is promising even more with their very first premium box edition Absalom, City of Omens Gold Edition.

According to Paizo's official press release, Absalom, City of Omens Gold Edition contains everything a Gamemaster would need to help players feel completely immersed in an adventure set in Absalom. In addition to multiple maps displaying the various districts and locations of the city - complete with ample space for GM and player notes - the box will include physical in-world handouts to help players feel more connected. On top of that, the Gold Edition will include NPC Character cards and location cards to help GMs and players keep track of ongoing events, a comprehensive GM screen full of key information about Absalom, three bonus adventures exclusive to the Gold Edition, and a redeemable code on Demiplane to have access to these materials on Pathfinder Nexus.

Text, maps, and references seen on the GM screen for Absalom City of Omens Gold Edition
The artwork for the GM screen credited to Beadle & Grimm.

Finally, it wouldn't be a premium adventure without loot. The city of Absalom has its share of rivaling factions and organizations, each with their own identifiable piece of jewelry. Absalom, City of Omens Gold Edition will include three physical pieces of this jewelry, as well as a set of coins (all produced courtesy of Campaign Coins) commonly used in trade throughout the city, and four drink coasters to help keep all of these items dry and stainless.

There is just the matter of price. Absalom, City of Omens Gold Edition is set to be priced at $349. It will be shipped out sometime in early 2022. However, if you pre-order this premium box between November 26 and November 28, Black Friday weekend, you will get a 10% discount. However, if you are interested in just sourcebook for Absalom, it can be pre-ordered right now both in physical and PDF format, and shipped out to you in  December 2021. Even by itself it is Pathfinder's largest city sourcebook to date with 296 pages of lore, history, interesting NPCs, and adventure hooks to keep your gaming group entertained.

This premium boxed set was made possible thanks to Paizo partnering with Beadle & Grimm's Pandemonium Warehouse. They're a company dedicated to producing premium tabletop game experiences in a rapidly growing industry. They have multiple hardcore gamers under their employ with over 150 collective years of experience in not just gaming but film and television experience. In fact, one of the founders of the company is beloved actor Matthew Lillard, widely known for his portrayal of the lovable goofball Shaggy in both live-action and animated adventures of Scooby-Doo.

Box art of Pathfinder Puzzles Lost Omens
Official artwork of the new Pathfinder Puzzle sets.

More Pathfinder Jigsaw Puzzles Announced

On the more frugal side of new Pathfinder products, Paizo also announced two brand new jigsaw puzzles in collaboration with company Toy Vault. These 1000-piece puzzles are based on the cover art for the Pathfinder RPG Gamemastery Guide and their Lost Omens: Gods and Kings supplement, artwork courtesy of Wayne Reynolds and Ekaterina Burmak. "The Pathfinder RPG has such a rich and expansive catalog of artwork from which to make high quality jigsaw puzzles,” said Tony Smith, Director of Toy Vault. “I’m proud of the two newest puzzles recently released in our growing Pathfinder puzzle line. I think they are a must-have item for anyone that’s a fan of world class fantasy art."

These puzzles are already available in retail stores as well as online on Toy Vault's website. Each puzzle costs $24.99.


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