7 Wonders Mystery Disappointingly Revealed to be a Giveaway

04/20/2021 - 15:21 | By: Tyler Chancey
Disappointing, But A Neat Idea

Last week, we covered the announcement of something brand new by the creators of 7 Wonders. Now, Repos Productions has revealed the details, and it is a bit unexpected.

According to a tweet by Repos' official Twitter account, 7 Wonders Mystery has been revealed as a giveaway event, and not a new expansion or game. Starting April 26th, the studio will offer everyone a brand-new adventure themed around the 7 Wonders of the World. Every week for eight weeks, a new puzzle will be introduced, with prizes awarded to those who solve them. These puzzles will focus on observational skills and general knowledge of the wonders in question.

These puzzles will appear on an official website, slowly cycling out as the weeks progress. These prizes range from gift cards, statues based on the wonder in question, and even free 7 Wonders games and expansions. An official post states that the contest is, "a chance to while away the time, alone or with your family, all while furthering your general culture knowledge." In a more formal press release, they stated the puzzles can be solved by anyone but for legal reasons, prizes will only be given to participants from France, Germany, Belgium, and the USA.

If you were a 7 Wonders fan hoping that Mystery would be a new expansion or spin-off, you may be disappointed by this reveal. With the success of the game's second edition as well as reprints of its more popular expansions, avid fans were hoping for something brand new to keep things fresh.

On the other hand, this is some impressive marketing on behalf of Repos and publisher Asmodee. The greatest strength of the 7 Wonders games were how they helped players gain a greater appreciation for both the architectural and cultural significance of the seven wonders of the world. What better way to promote and sell that idea than through a contest where you test that very knowledge against others?

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