7 Wonders Mystery Announced In Cryptic Trailer

It looks like a new adventure is beginning with the tease of a new 7 Wonders game

Published: April 14, 2021 1:52 PM /


The title of 7 Wonders Mystery, a glowing keyhole is in the middle

Earlier this morning, Repos Productions announced a brand new game in the 7 Wonders series, and it has got people talking.

Repos tweeted out a simple fifteen second trailer. It showed several people playing 7 Wonders, before it unravels into several quick shots of artwork, before closing on a title and a mysterious glowing keyhole. It simply read 7 Wonders Mystery, and is dated April 26th 2021. In the tweet itself, Repos called the date the "beginning of an adventure." Players began to speculate if this was a new expansion to the card-based development game or a new game altogether.

Adding to this speculation was a follow-up tweet by Repos new publisher, Asmodee USA. The account stated, "Hmm what could this be about? Leave your guess in the comments." Given how minimal and short the trailer is and the speculation given way, these tweets can't help but spark interest. 7 Wonders is a game that has been around since 2010 and has had multiple expansions ever since. Everything from Leaders to Cities to the Armada pack are out in the wild, which has added to the longevity and complexity of the game.

As for what 7 Wonders Mystery will be? We don't know, but there's a chance that this may be a new expansion meant to coincide with 7 Wonders Second Edition, a streamlined reprint of the game in September of 2020 which focused on larger, more readable game pieces and a revised rulebook. A less likely possibility may be a spin-off game like 7 Wonders: Duel, which was a competitive two-player affair released in October of 2015 as well as a smartphone version in 2019. Either way, given the mysterious reveal, title, and keyhole art mysteries are almost certain to play a large thematic element in thegame.

Whatever this new 7 Wonders content may be, it will be hard to go wrong with such a venerable series. 7 Wonders has not only won multiple awards, it has won the inaugural  Kennerspiel des Jahres connoisseur's award in Germany in 2011, promoting excellent family friendly game design. When you have a series that can task you with building the Statue of Liberty or establishing the reputation of Alexander the Great, the sky's the limit.

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