Mistfall Interview and Gameplay - GenCon 2015

While walking the busy halls of Gen Con 2015, we were able to get a brief gameplay demo and interview on Mistfall, a new hard-as-nails boardgame experience.

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As is becoming more common in the board game industry Mistfall, designed by Błażej Kubacki, was brought to life via a very successful Kickstarter campaign in March of of 2015. Mistfall smashed its initial funding goal and managed to bring in an impressive $134,348 in order to bring the game to life. Atypically for Kickstarter projects though, Mistfall is right on track to hit its proposed delivery date (September 2015) and should be in backers hands soon with the rest of the world able to buy it via retail soon afterwards.

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Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure game set in an original dark fantasy setting.  1–4 players will use a combination of deck building and hand management to play through the game's various scenarios. At the beginning of a scenario, the heroes each have a fixed deck of equipment and power cards and will use them to combat monsters at various locations. Players can customize their decks as they play by acquiring advanced ability cards to better help them cope with the obstacles faced during play.

Players will not only need to worry about defeating the monsters in combat but also must carefully decide how to utilize the cards at their disposal as their deck of cards plays double duty and acts as each hero's life total as well. Mistfall also features an enemy focus mechanic, which players will need to carefully manage. As one hero defeats enemies, their enemy focus will increase, meaning that they will draw the attention of future enemies and could possibly become overwhelmed. The scenarios in the base game are all designed as standalone adventures, but a campaign expansion will be released that will allow players who wish to chain the scenarios into a cohesive campaign.

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For more information on Mistfall head over to the game's official page. Players who want to take a look at the rules and learn to play ahead of the game's release can find the official rules here.

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