Flick 'Em Up Interview & Demo - GenCon 2015

As we wandered the halls of Gen Con 2015, we were able to snatch an interview and gameplay demo for Flick 'Em Up by Pretzel Games.

Published: October 10, 2015 1:00 PM /


Flick Em Up Cover Art

Before you ask, yes, I know. It's a bit late. We do our best to get content out on a regular basis, but there was a lot to go through at this point. Thankfully, we got some skilled editing hands to help us out on the content that came from GenCon 2015. In this interview and gameplay demo, we take a look at Pretzel Games' Flick 'Em Up, where you can have a nice little shootout with a bunch of your friends, as you can remember the days of paper football past. Our supreme raptor overlord Rutledge Daugette  got a chance to talk with Eli Gingerich and Martin Bouchard about the game, even having a game that was playing in the background. It's always nice to see people having fun, even if it does interrupt the interviewee. Pretty sure Rutledge at that point was like "dang it, I wanna play now."

Flick 'Em Up - Interview & Demo

There are currently 10 scenarios for the game, and at GenCon, they were playing a variation with a Head Cowboy, where you have to take out a lead cowboy/bandit by hitting them 3 times to win. There seems to be a variety in terms of scenarios, like dealing with tainted water for example, and they are developing more and releasing them on their website. The game definitely tries to keep the themes of the old west, going so far as enabling you to shoot out of the doors of the saloon and keeping the hat themes front and center. We find out a little bit of the origins of the game and exactly what led to the creation of Flick 'Em Up.

The game also has an upcoming expansion pack as well, which can add horses to the playing field. It adds ramps to the gameplay, where you can knock fellow cowboys off horses. Hopefully this doesn't lead to gameplay where you hit each other in the eyes while doing it, but hey, it's for the sake of fun!

You can pick up a copy of Flick 'em Up over at the Pretzel Games web site, as well with its expansion Stallion Canyon.

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