Tasty Minstrel Games Quick Look at Exodus Fleet and Downfall - Gen Con 2017

Published: September 5, 2017 9:00 AM /



Tasty Minstrel Games were showing off their lineup of brand new releases at Gen Con 2017, but they also had a single copy the upcoming game Exodus Fleet on hand at their booth that they were excitedly showing off. They were also excited to talk about an upcoming title called Downfall that is so fresh they didn't have a copy on hand yet (other than an empty box with the admittedly cool looking cover art printed on it). While Exodus Fleet is going to see a full release at Spiel this year, Downfall is going the Kickstarter route in October, which means it's still quite a ways off on the horizon. We spent a few minutes talking about these upcoming games with Lance Myxter at the Tasty Minstrel Games booth during the show, so check out the video to get the full scoop.



Exodus Fleet sounds very interesting, but Downfall has really piqued my interest. The game sounds quite a bit different from anything that they've released before, especially since the game is going to include miniatures, but TMG has a great track record for putting out quality products, especially the Deluxe versions of their games. While there aren't that many gameplay details known about the Downfall, if TMG thinks that the game is worth going all-out on then I can't help but buy into the hype, at least a little bit, especially considering how excited Lance appears to be about the game. We'll find out more about the game once the Kickstarter goes live, which should be some time this coming October.

What do you think about Exodus Fleet and Downfall? Do either of these titles have you excited? Have you ever picked up one of Tasty Minstrel Games Deluxe versions before? Let us know in the comments below.

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