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Before we met up with Ross at the IDW games booth at Gen Con 2017 Seikatsu wasn't even on my radar. The game is a tile laying game that has players collaboratively building a garden, while simultaneously doing everything in their power to ensure that the view from their pagodas is the most beautiful. The game is based around each player's individual perspective, and the end game scoring is determined for each player based on the direction that they are looking at the board. Playing the game is incredibly simple and straightforward, but the game's beauty, and the interesting perspective-based scoring give Seikatsu some serious legs.

Check out the video below to get a quick overview of the game from Ross:


Seikatsu is for 1 to 3 players, and plays in about 20 minutes based on the average time it has taken my group and I during our numerous plays. I plan to run a full review of the game, so I won't fully spoil that here, but I will say that this game went from being under my radar to being a game I have played every game-session that I've had since Gen Con. There is virtually zero setup time, the game plays super quickly, even with three players, and the perspective based scoring make it far more interesting than it appears upon first blush. To top it off, the game is absolutely gorgeous on the table, and it only gets prettier as you play, as the board gets filled with a tapestry of flowers and birds. I'm glad that Ross was so excited about this one, because that led to me playing it, and now it'll be hitting my table often.

What do you think about Seikatsu? Are you a fan of tile laying games? Are you in the market for a lighter title that can be played with justa bout anyone? Let us know in the comments below.

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