Steve Jackson Games: Port Royal, Muertoons, & Kitties - Gen Con 2017

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Steve Jackson Games Gen Con 2017

Every year at Gen Con, the Steve Jackson booth is packed with attendees trying to see what's next from the coveted Munchkin's developer. Of course, they were showing off the latest in that series, Munchkin Shakespeare, as they continue to celebrate its incredibly successful Kickstarter and prep for its delivery to retail stores this fall.

Munchkin Shakespeare

Munchkin fans have been awaiting delivery since its Kickstarter launched back in February. With so many details about the game already out there, and copies starting to hit backers hands, I wanted to focus more on the upcoming games at the booth.

We had the chance to sit down with Hunter Shelburne, SJG's Community Manager to check out Port Royal, Muertoon, and the just announced Super Kitty Bug Slap. The videos are shot in 360° so check them out on your smartphone or VR headset.

In Port Royal you are a colonial merchant working to expand your shipping empire. You compete against your opponents to hire the top Admirals, Traders, and Sailors to fortify your team.

As you can see in the video, the game is all about taking chances. Do you push for that next card that could set you up for the entire game or do you take what you have and not risk losing your cargo hold?

The Muertoons card game is based on the books and animated series of the same name. The show is focused on five friends and their adventures in a place where every day is the Mexican Holiday Día de Muertos.

In the game, you and your group of friends are looking for the celebration but Tio Rico has stolen the signs pointing the way to the party. The Muertoons know the way and they will show you by using the numbered cards in the game. The first person to discard all their cards discovers the Día de Muertos fiesta!

Hunter also showed me a preview deck of Super Kitty Bug Slap. In the game, you try to outrace your opponents to slap cards that have similar characteristics to yours.

If you have a square orange cat with a ladybug, you can slap any card with this configuration. For instance, in the picture highlighted in the title of the video above, if you had the orange cat at the bottom you could slap any of the other three cards because one had a red ladybug, one has an orange cant and the last one is a square kitty. Don't slap the wrong card though or you will be docked some points ... or required to take shots, depending on how you want to play. I can see this game being crazy fun for groups of all ages. The hilarious slapping game will launch this December.

Which game are you going to add to your collection later this year?

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