Mole Rats in Space, Monkey Around, Bedtime Bunny, & Where's Bear? - Gen Con 2017

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Mole Rats in Space - Peaceable Kingdom

Earlier this year at Gen Con 2017, I had the opportunity to chat with Pareen Shah, the Director of Marketing and Sales at Peaceable Kingdom, about their upcoming lineup of games. Peaceable Kingdom specializes in cooperative games and is one of the leading publishers in the ages 2+ category.

Their core philosophy is teaching teamwork, even at an incredibly young age. They want the players to work together through cooperative decision making, sharing, and trusting each other to accomplish the team's goal. They believe that these inclusive play situations help build self-esteem and shape a child's emotional development.

The highlight of their booth was Matt Leacock's first foray into the children's genre with Mole Rats in Space.

Matt Leacock, the famed creator of Pandemic, teamed up with Peaceable Kingdom to design a complex but rewarding cooperative game that could be enjoyed by groups of all ages. Similar to one of my favorite games growing up, Chutes and Ladders, you find yourself on trying to move up ladders while avoiding the chutes, or in this case, airshafts. In Chutes and Ladders, the first player to the top wins the game. With Mole Rats in Space, you are teaming up with the other players to collect items, avoid deadly snakes, and reach the escape pod as a team before time runs out.

Mole Rats in Space is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 7+ and retails for $19.99.

Bunny Bedtime

The next game I got to check out was Bunny Bedtime. Bunny Bedtime is a make a choice game where the child gets to help Bunny decide how to get ready for bed. As you decide what bath toy to play with and which pajamas to wear, Bunny will be getting ready for bed right alongside your little one.

Bunny Bedtime is perfect for developing problem-solving skills, making choices, and matching colors and shapes.

Monkey Around

Monkey Around is the wiggle and giggle game that gets the whole family moving around. The game features 40 cards that prompt the players to do movements together like high fives, balancing acts, hopping, marching, and so much more. The game also includes a bean bag banana to add to the fun.

Kids 2+ will develop gross motor skills, imitating, hand-eye coordination, and vocabulary skills with Monkey Around.Wheres Bear

The last game I checked out was Where's Bear. This game featured nesting boxes that could be used to hide an adorable little bear. The boxes can also be used for a matching game as they are each illustrated with different rooms from Bear's house.

Where's Bear is designed to teach children 2+ problem-solving skills along with spatial concepts and object permanence.

My time at the Peaceable Kingdoms booth sold me on Where's Bear for my little niece. Are you planning on picking up any kids games this holiday season? 

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