Gen Con 2017 - Stonemaier Games: Charterstone, Scythe, and Kickstarter

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Gen Con 2017 Stonemeier Charterstone

Gen Con is always a great time to reconnect with many of the devs we've worked with before, seeing the latest updates, expansion packs, and new products they have lined up for sale and future release. Stonemaier games is one of those developers, and we got a great look at Scythe: The Wind Gambit, Between Two Cities: Capitals, and a new legacy game: Charterstone.

Check out the video, or read the details below!

Scythe: The Wind Gambit

We started off with the expansion to TechRaptor's 2016 Board Game of the Year, Scythe, which adds airships to the game for quick movement across the map for up to two meeples and are unimpeded by any type of terrain. In addition to airships, The Wind Gambit also adds the Resolution Module, which adds a twist to the game through alternative resolution tiles. With eight modules, you'll have all new scenarios for ending the game affecting the way in which you play too.

At a $25 price point, you're guaranteed to be able to expand upon your current game and previous expansion for even more exciting games. Couple that with the new Scythe Legendary Box and you'll be able to pack all three Scythe expansions (once the third is released) into a single box!

If you're looking to pickup Scythe: The Wind Gambit, just check here (affiliate)!

Between Two Cities: Capitals

Jamey also talked with us about the new expansion for Between Two Cities, Capitals, which adds new terrain to the game upon which players must build, adding a puzzle-like component to gameplay. The three modules that are added to the game, including new tokens and civic tiles, add a whole new level of strategy as well.

You can pick up this new expansion for $20 from local and online retailers, found here.

Charterstone - Unique New Legacy Game

Legacy games are something that we're seeing more of in recent years, and Jamey took the time to also reveal as much as he could about the one he's been working on for two years: Charterstone. Even though Jamey couldn't share much, as Legacy games are the type you don't want spoiled, we learned that this game is going to be different than many of the legacy games you may have played in the past.

In Charterstone, a competitive legacy game for 1–6 players, you'll be inhabiting a shared village upon which you will place buildings. To do this, you'll remove building stickers from cards and permanently add them to your "charter" (aka city) on the board, which creates places for players to take action. As you grow your city, you'll have more and more actions made available to you, which creates the feel of a busy city. With twelve games being played until the "Legacy" is complete, you'll get a great amount of playtime out of this game.

What makes Charterstone stand apart is that with the Recharge Pack, you will be able to play the campaign more than once. Beyond that, if you don't buy the Recharge Pack, you can actually continue Charterstone after completing the campaign by playing the existing map as a worker placement game!

Charterstone is set to be something very new for Stonemaier, because with a foray into new genre, they're also moving away from their previous model of Kickstarter-based publishing for their first waves of games.

If you're looking to pick this game up, you'll want to head straight to your FLGS, Amazon (affiliate), or other online retailers!

We had a great time talking with Jamey at Gen Con again this year and can't wait to check out these new expansions as well as Charterstone. As always, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more reviews and news from Gen Con 2017!

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