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Warhammer Age of Sigmar WarCry Guide

Tabletop article by Adam Potts on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 13:00

Warhammer Age of Sigmar WarCry is a skirmish wargame set in Games Workshop’s fantasy Age of Sigmar setting. As a skirmish wargame, players pit small warbands of warriors against each other in brutal combat. WarCry is set in the Eightpoints, with each Warband battling to earn their place in Archon’s legion. Most warbands are made up of Chaos followers, but others come from other factions within the Age of Sigmar setting, each with their own goal.

In this article, you’ll find details of everything you need to play WarCry, along with guidance to each of the products available and the different forces that can be brought to the table.


What is WarCry?

The WarCry rules are extremely simple to learn and teach and each Warband is made up of a small number of fighters. This makes WarCry extremely beginner-friendly and a great entry-level product.

warcry 9
The Battleplan Cards contain the same Deployment, Twist and Victory cards from the Starter Set. These combined with the Terrain cards from the Starter Set or Scenery Set give you all 4 of the decks you need to set up games of WarCry.

Battles are set up quickly by using the 4 set-up decks for Terrain, Deployment, Victory, and Twist. One card from each deck is drawn and combined, they show players how to set up scenery, where they can set up their force, how the game is won and a random effect for the game. This allows games to be set up very quickly. If playing in the open format, this set-up can provide a huge variety in terms of games. Players can also play WarCry competitively in Matched play, in which case only specific balanced options are used. Narrative play opens up some interesting scenarios and players can take it even further with a detailed campaign system where warbands can receive upgrades and capture spoils after each game. In campaigns, fighters can also be slain or injured, but such is the way of Chaos.


WarCry has a very interesting initiative system, where players all roll 6 dice each. Any doubles, triples or quads rolled by a player (2, 3 or 4 of the same number) are put to one side and can be used to activate powerful abilities for your warband. The player who rolls the most amount of unique numbers gains the initiative and gets to go first. Players also get a Wild dice each turn, which they can use to add either another unique number to try and win the initiative, or to boost their double, triple or quad rolls.

warcry 23
WarCry has an interesting initiative system where dice are split between abilities and going first.

The game turns are very straight-forward, with players alternatively activating their warriors, who each have 2 actions with which they can move, attack, disengage or wait. Attack rolls are streamlined into a single roll. Players simply select the weapon their warrior is attacking with, check the range of that weapon and roll an amount of D6 equal to that weapon’s attack roll. There is only one roll, which amalgamates the rolls to hit, wound and any saving throw into a dice throw. This keeps games very quick, as it’s very easy to work out. If the strength of the weapon is equal to the toughness of the target, you need a 4, 5 or 6. If the strength is less, 5 or 6 and if it’s more, 3, 4, 5 or 6.


Weapons have 2 amounts of damage, the first is their standard damage, which is done when any dice hit and the second is a larger amount of damage that is done if a 6 is rolled.

Abilities can be used before or after a fighter's action by discarding the double, triple or quads rolled for initiative. All warbands have their own abilities table, and warriors have access to any abilities that match the runemarks on their character cards. They all also have access to a generic abilities list, that all warbands can draw from.

What Do You Need To Play WarCry?

warcry 6
The WayCry Essentials.

There are a few products that you need to have to play WarCry and these we’ll call the WarCry Essentials.

The WarCry essentials are:

  • The WarCry Rulebook
  • Several 6 sided dice (D6)
  • Tape measure or another mode of measuring
  • Warband plus the Warband card pack (if not included with your warband)
warcry 1
The WarCry set-up cards can come from either the Starter Set, or from the Battleplan Card Pack and a Scenery Set.

Some other nice to haves, that will make games smoother, are the:

  • WarCry Battleplan Cards
  • WarCry Scenery Set

We’ll go into details of each product below, including what they contain and how they are used.

warcry 2
WarCry Starter Set.

WarCry Starter Set

Purchase from Goblin Gaming

The WarCry starter set contains:

  • The WarCry rulebook
  • 18 Custom D6’s
  • Range Ruler
  • 2 Warbands, plus the warband card packs (Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts)
  • WarCry Battleplan Cards (Deployment, Victory and Twist decks)
  • WarCry Scenery Set – Eightpoints Ruins plus Terrain deck
  • A 22x30 inch game board
  • 12 Chaos Beasts

[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="312122,312125"]

The Starter Set contains everything you need to play WarCry and is incredible value. It includes all the WarCry Essentials, along with the nice to haves and also an additional game board to play on and chaos beast miniatures. We’ll look at both the Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts in the faction discussions below, but both are great beginner warbands for WarCry.

warcry 10
The Chaos Beasts from the WarCry Starter Set.

The chaos beasts are included in the set because they are sometimes drawn by the Twist cards.

warcry 11
The WarCry Starter Set has a huge amount of scenery included.

It’s important to note that the build instructions for the scenery included in the WarCry Starter Set have you glue several pieces together that you need separate for a couple of the Terrain cards you may draw. Waywalker Studios offers full details of what you should and how you should build the WarCry scenery. You are of course free to build it however you like, as your games of WarCry are your own, however, you if want to build the scenery exactly as the cards require, please read the linked page before starting.

warcry 26
The WarCry Rulebook contains the full rules, history and background and limited game setup tables for getting started with WarCry.

WarCry Rulebook

Purchase from Goblin Gaming

The WarCry Rulebook contains all of the rules for playing games of WarCry, along with background information on the setting and an incredible campaign system. There are several scenarios under each of the 3 gaming types that make up GW’s trilogy of gaming, Open, Narrative and Competitive. Limited tables are also provided for Terrain, Deployment, Victory and Twists to get you started before you buy the Battleplan Decks.

warcry monsters and mercenaries
WarCry Monsters and Mercenaries Expansion Book adds details of several new units that can be added in-game.

WarCry Monsters and Mercenaries Expansion Book

Purchase from Goblin Gaming

The WarCry Monsters and Mercenaries Expansion Book adds rules for 11 new monsters and 50 new fighters that can be added to your WarCry warbands. The book is entirely optional and isn't essential to play, unless you want to add more options and depth to your campaign games.

warcry 27
The flexible themed saw-blade WarCry ruler.

WarCry Ruler

Purchase from Goblin Gaming

The WarCry Ruler is a thematic range ruler for use in games. The WarCry Ruler is a flexible ruler to help with measuring over and around scenery, in the shape of a saw blade.

warcry 28
The WarCry Battleplan cards contain the Deployment, Victory and Twist decks.

WarCry Battleplan Cards

Purchase from Goblin Gaming

The WarCry Battleplan cards have a set of Deployment, Victory and Twist cards. These cards are the same as those in the WarCry Starter Set.

In the back of the rulebook are several tables that can be rolled on in order to set up your games of WarCry. The rulebook includes 12, and there are 36 of each Battleplan cards, meaning that you will have more options for setting up your games with the pack that you will straight out of the rulebook. It also makes it a lot faster to set up and randomize.

warcry 4
WarCry Scenery Sets include scenery and a dedicated Terrain deck for the included scenery.

WarCry Scenery Sets

The scenery sets currently available for WarCry are:

[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="312118,312129"]

The scenery packs include a set of great value scenery, and also the Terrain cards that match the scenery set. These can be used alongside the Battleplan cards to randomize your battles. Several packs of Terrain cards can also be shuffled together so that you never know exactly what battleground your forces will be fighting on.

warcry 7
WarCry warbands can be made up from a WarCry Warband pack or from the WrCry Warband Car Packs and separate Age of Sigmar miniatures.

WarCry Warbands

There are a couple of ways to buy warbands for WarCry. The first is to buy the specific Warband packs, which include the miniatures and cards for the warband. The second is the buy the Warband card packs, which come from several Age of Sigmar factions and then buy the miniatures you need to create the warband from the Age of Sigmar miniatures available.

warcry 24
WarCry Warband Packs are dedicated warbands for WarCry and contain the miniatures and cards for that warband.

WarCry Warband Packs

The WarCry Warband packs available are:

Each WarCry Warband pack comes with several miniatures to make up the warband, along with the warband ability card and individual fighter cards.

We will look at each warband individually in our Warband articles and will update this page with links as they go live.

warcry 5
9 WarCry Warband Card Packs are available.

Age of Sigmar Warband Deck Packs

The available WarCry Warband Card Packs are:

Some warbands are not contained within their own WarCry Warband packs and need to be put together slightly differently. Card packs are available for each of the above factions, and they contain the warband ability Card and the individual fighter cards for the warriors available to that warband in WarCry. The miniatures then need to be purchased from the available Age of Sigmar range.

We will look at each warband individually in our Warband articles, along with details on how to build the warband from the miniature ranges and will update this page with links as they go live.

warcry chimera
The WarCry Chimera is an incredible beast that can be added to your WarCry warband, if you're able to subdue it.

WarCry Chimera

Purchase from Goblin Gaming

The WarCry Chimera is just one of the beasts and monsters added with the WarCry Monsters and Mercenaries Expansion Book. The Pack contains the monster and stat cards, but details of how to add them into your games are in the Monsters and Mercenaries book.

Feldherr WarCry

WarCry Transport Solutions

Feldherr offer a range of WarCry warband and starter set transport and storage solutions. You can read all about them in our dedicated WarCry Feldherr Guide.


What's the difference between the Battleplan Cards and those in the Starter Set?

There's no difference. The Starter Set contains the 3 decks from the Battleplan Cards and also a Terrain deck specific to the scenery in the Starter Set. If you don't own the Starter Set, you can get the Battleplan Cards and a Scenery Set and have the 4 decks you need.

Do I need to Battleplan Cards to play?

The back of the WarCry Rulebook has several tables for setting up games without the Battleplan Cards. There are only 12 of each in the Rulebook, but 36 of each Battleplan Card, so using the Battleplan cards does give you more variety and speeds up the setup process.

Do I need to buy multiple Warband packs?

A single card for each fighter is enough, each Warband and Warband Card pack provides a card that numbers your warriors. You may want to buy 2 packs as some Warband packs have multiple build options for warbands, so to get access to every warrior type during a campaign, multiple purchases may be required. These will be covered in detail in our Warband article series.


This is a living document and as new products become available, we’ll list there here.

  • Version 4 - Updated with links to Cypher Lords and Corvus Cabal Guide - 03 October 19
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  • Original - 13 August 19

All the copies of WarCry Products used to produce this article were provided by Goblin Gaming.

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If you have a question about WarCry or a WarCry product, put it in the comments below and we'll answer it in our FAQ.

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